Wednesday, June 13, 2012

After the winds

 I had a very short night for some reason so will no doubt be taking an afternoon nap.

It was a delightful cool morning, in the upper 50's and the high is supposed to be in the 80's.

We had a l-inch rain Monday morning and some wind......much stronger than I realized.  I found lots of broken peach limbs in the backyard garden and have yet to check the orchard.

Peach trees are notorious for weak limbs especially if not thinned heavily. 

I will severely prune these trees this winter.

The corn patch was laid pretty low but it will bounce back.


I have  not watered the daylilies so they are rewarding me accordingly!  The blooms are beautiful but the foliage is very sorry looking.

This Pure and Simple at the east end of the HB Bed.

and Leonard Bernstein on the north side of the same bed.

Farther down from Leonard is Mauna Loa,

The rose of sharon bushes are all blooming at least a month early (the Japanese Beetles love them).

This is on the north side of the house looking west.  If you look closely you can see the new picnic table under the shade trees.  The black patch is where we filled in Biscuit's holes.


  1. too bad about the peach tree - i cannot believe that the corn can come back from being blown so low.

  2. Oh you're so lucky to get that inch of rain! We got just less that half an inch. A co-worker of my hubby who lives just a couple miles away got over and inch. Hope your corn bounces back okay.

  3. Aw, sorry to learn that you lost so much of your (fully loaded) peach tree. :-( Every year we have more and more wind here. Big wind. Long wind. Heck, it's like living in OK sometimes. Dang that climate change.

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry to see the damage! Hope everything bounces back. We get a lot of wind out here, too, but so far we have so few things tall enough to break that it's not a concern. Just gets on my nerves though, if it lasts for a long time. And when it's hot, it dehydrates things. Ish.

    It started to rain here this morning about 3:30 am and was just finishing off about 7 am. We got about 3/4" though some people in town said they got twice that amount. I was just glad to see any amount at all, even though I had watered the Jerusalem artichokes and things over on that side last night, not believing we were going to catch a break.