Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weather continues about 8 degrees warmer than it should be.  We had another little shower which dries it up almost as soon as the sun and wind hit the ground.

I found more victims of my erroneous spraying.  Three pepper plants got some over drift when I sprayed the roses and I lost all 4 eggplants.  So far the woody plants seem OK.

The cookout with DH's mother went well.  She loved the cake with coconut icing.

We ate inside.....much cooler than  the 90+ degrees outside Sunday.

Monday was a productive day.  I worked  for  about two hours in the orchard.  I soaked the row of tomatoes and then mulched them.  Only a few needed tying up....I don't see many small tomatoes or blooms which is worrying me.

While I worked on the tomatoes I soaked all the fruit trees and then mowed again with the mower set on a lower setting.  There is lots of Ladino clover in the orchard but I didn't see many bees working.  I did see the little 1/4 inch shower must have washed off the beetle spray because the plum trees had lots on them.  They love plum foliage.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It was already warm by the time I went out side at 7:30 AM. 

I mixed up more spray for the beetles.  They are on the peach tree in the back yard and those are larger and beginning to ripen, also on the plum trees in the orchard and on various other things.  I sprayed...again.  I also noticed the June bugs have arrived.   I checked the blackberries and found some on a few of them.  I left picking until this morning that may have been a mistake.

I quit early, 9:30.

Household News

We have had an old very small refrigerator  in the Milk Parlor that we use for milk, eggs and excess garden produce or anything else that won't fit in the kitchen one.  We bought  it in 1961 when we were married.  We noticed a few days ago it was dripping from the cross-top freezer section.  I defrosted hoping that was all it was.  Wrong.  It ran but never got very cold and was frosting up heavily again by evening after defrosting in the morning.  I did my usual appliance shopping.  I picked up the phone and called a smallish appliance/furniture store that is located west of Springfield, Barnes Town and Country and ordered the smallest simplest one they had.  It will be delivered this afternoon. Total cost around $500.  I have ordered a washer and dryer that same way and I think the last chest freezer.  They only carry one brand, Whirlpool.

I could have bought it about $70 cheaper at Lowes or  another big city store, but they would have to order it, delivery the first week of July and I am sure then schedule delivery and that would be another 3 days or so so we paid the higher price.  We have lots of eggs stored wanted them in refrigeration asap.
This one is larger than the other which will be nice.


  1. I like how you grow tomatoes against cattle panels. That's just got to be about the most convenient way to keep them tied and tidied. Individual stakes (like mine) can be a pain.

    I saw some June bugs in the water barrel yesterday. I haven't seen them for a couple of years so was kinda glad to see them. The toads love 'em.

    Glad you're putting a positive spin on having to buy a new 'fridge. Hope it lasts you a good long time (but don't think it will go 50 years like the last one! LOL).

    HOT HOT HOT DRY DRY DRY WIND WIND WIND here too. We're all in the oven this week. Keep cool and don't work to hard.

    1. Hey Glenda - your sidebar isn't showing your list of LABELS anymore. I used to be able to find old posts by subject.... ?

  2. Wow, to have a refrigerator last 50 years is amazing. I know you'll enjoy your new and larger refrigerator.

    Your tomatoes look great against the fencing. Hope you see some flowers and fruit soon.

    That cake looks delicious.

    Enjoy the rest of the week and don't work too hard.


  3. Murphy's Law, Glenda. That's usually how it goes here. I have two frig's also for summer produce and canning and cooking for four people. I had to buy a new one about 4 yrs ago, and now its compressor is making weird sounds so I am not sure what its major malfunction is also. Hope nothing bad...
    Everything looks good even though you are on the battle ground for bugs. I have some, but I have been using garden dust and it seems to keep things at bay.
    Your cake looks wonderful.

  4. You won't see many new tomato blossoms if the temps stay in high 80's to 90's. Frequent watering and deep mulch is your only hope in this heat. Last year we had hardly a tomato until fall but the deep mulch kept the plants alive and they finally produced. We are in so.central MO and never seen it this dry. So dry we don't even have our usual arrival of squash bugs,blister beetles and stink bugs...not that I'm complainging! Not even cabbage moths.....wierd.

  5. Seems like everyone is battling the heat. Mulching those those tomatoes was a good idea, I am watering twice a day now just to keep mine alive. No tomatoes except on the container grown ones on the decks. They were planted in March and are ahead of the other ones. We just bought another full size fridge for the garage. Sears had a small 19cubic foot for $399 and we really needed an extra fridge. Have made do with a small one for sodas for years but when company comes I had to do the "balancing act" with food. Mom's old Amana they bought in 1949 was still working when Mom left the farm for nursing care in 2005. I would love to have that fridge over here but I know it would not be efficient. Just sweet memories....