Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Catching up

I have let a week slip by without updating my journal....set a new record for me.

The excuses are company over Decoration Day weekend requiring cleaning before and after; yard work to catch up on after mower being in the shop for two weeks, harvesting cherries, watering.......reading (I do that while resting from my labors so I don't feel too guilty about it)

What has happened of importance?  First and foremost, I dried up Willow a couple of weeks early.

We harvested about a half bushel of sour cherries.  I made our first fresh cherry pie of the year.

I froze 8 5-cup bags.

I made a second batch (7 jars)of apricot jam.

I picked a quart of black raspberries and the black berries are beginning to turn.

I also picked a few of the Red Haven (I think) peaches to see if they would ripen off the tree.  They are full color and are just beginning to soften.

I have been getting a few volunteer cucumbers.

Lettuce is finished.

Carrots are ready to harvest (all  12 of them!)

I did a 4 loaf batch of bread Sunday and made one up in buns....I used Annie's Honey  and Wheat recipe, our favorite.  I hope I am set for several weeks for bread now.


We had all hay removed from the fields and had delivered an extra 100 bales so should be set for the winter months.  This gives us 268 1,000 lb bales.  The crew did an excellent job and we were very pleased and have plans to use them next year.

DH is finishing up clipping pastures.  The added benefit of having hay cut it that you don't have to clip those fields for several months and maybe not at all.  It sure saves DH a lot of time.

We think the chickens are letting up somewhat on laying....We found a 5-foot blacksnake curled up in a nest and the other two nests had two hens sitting quite contentedly beside him! 

We are still undecided about getting another  dog but we have already noticed a lone turkey strolling around the west yard.....next may be all kinds of varmints or deer visiting next.

More to post but dear old blogger is refusing to accept any more pictures.  I guess I can do a PS later this evening.


  1. Good Grief, Glenda, Wow, wonder woman.
    Glenda, when you make hamburger buns, do you use a bun pan? Just curious.
    Have a wonderful, enjoyable week, and slow down a little.

  2. Welcome back! We all figured you were just sitting on the couch, watching Oprah and eating bon-bons!!

    Our hens are also on strike it seems. Either that, or we've got a black snake. Or they've decided to lay out in the woods. Neither of which would surprise me one bit.

    We need another dog here too. I hate to admit it, because it's just more work, but the deer have been in the front yard, eating the fruit trees and one is getting so bold as to not even spook when I run after it....when it's only 10' from the front porch. It's just a matter of time before the carnivores start coming for the chickens.

    Great news on your hay. We only got half of our yearly supply, hopefully will be getting the rest of it in the next couple of weeks. It sure feels good not having to worry about hay.

  3. That pie has got me drooling, Glenda. YUM. Glad you've got your lawn mower back. Hope it wasn't a pricey fix. I understand black snack are good rodent catchers. I've not even seen a garter snake for decades. So sad.

    The deer are just destroying my flowers and veg this year. My neighbors have dogs, but the still get deer too. I'd need a wolf to do the job. heh

    Happy for your hay bonanza. Yay!