Tuesday, June 12, 2012

 Started June 9, 2012

First thing this morning while it was still cool, I lopped down some very tall weeds in the corner of the garden and along the iris row.

I had left the garden trailer in the west end of the garden last time out, so I hooked it back to the mower and brought it around to the house where I loaded up the plants still not in the ground and hauled them back to the east end of the garden where I needed them.

I planted 6 various hot pepper plants and 15 sweet potatoes.  Surely that takes care of the veggies.
I tilled all the east plot and have yet to put in some sunflowers and annual flowers.

While working I had the water going on the west side of the garden.  It will take another couple of hours to get that end watered.

I tossed the chickens some old lettuce that was going to seed and also some corn that I pulled to thin the patch.  They come running for green things.  They are slowing down some with laying.

Next  garden chores:

Plant the  two new rhubarb and one old potted plant somewhere permanent (still not done)

Plant the rest of the flowering plants not used for Decoration in the  top over the bulbs in the whiskey barrel.  Need  to fill about 4  inches of potting mix over the top. (did this one)

Use the 4 bags of topsoil MIL wanted  out of her garage to fill in some of the deeper holes that Biscuit dug.9(we did this one)

 Cut down the worrisome fireblight affected trees. (not done yet)

Mow the orchard or talk  DH into doing it (not done)

June 12, 2012

Over the next couple of days I processed my pitiful small and wormy peaches, 4 quarts.  I picked blackberries (processed 1.5 quarts).

The Japanese Beetles have located the berry  patch......I will watch closely and pick often.

We got a wonderful 1 inch rain yesterday morning and the weather cooled nicely.  I won't have to water for at least a week now.

I have seen very few butterflies this year but I did notice this on a dill plant.  There were two but I guess a bird found one; I bent a stalk down over this one and I hope it stays safe.


I ordered DH a log-type lawn swing for the west yard.  It came yesterday and is so heavy it will be a real job to get it moved.  Of course, he gets to put it together.  We recently bought a heavy wood picnic table for the same area.  Our daughter kept telling us we were missing out by now using that side of the house.  It is always in shade....just a longer walk for coffee refills.  It will be a nice place for our July 4th picnic.
As soon as it is put up, I will post a picture. 


I splurged and paid $1 each for hot pepper plants but they were well grown, in flower and had tiny peppers already set.  I planted them the next morning and then the next morning we got the rain.  I felt blessed.  I planted Anaheim, Serrano and one Long Red Hot.  I use the peppers in my favorite salsa.


  1. Grass doesn't grow under your feet.... or you will mow it! See you are staying busy. We just got back from our trip to Cincinnati to see our oldest grandson graduate. It was a long way, I'm going to have to take a few days off to recover! Will be blabbing about it on the blog... you know me! We got a little rain yesterday, I watered good when we got home. The cooler temps helped, nothing looks stressed-yet. Have a good week Glenda!

    1. We just learned our oldest GD may be going to MSU in a year...WE are thrilled! Of course that is a long way off and could change in a hearbeat.

      Hope the cooler temps stay for a while.

  2. Its cool here this morning, Glenda. It is nice for a change. It was 98* on Saturday here, about keeled me over.
    I have those catepillars here and they devour my dill also. They turn into a beautiful butterfly, but they LOVE dill and will take a stalk down overnight. You may have to cover your dill with netting or something to keep them out or you won't have any dill period. Or you may have to spray or dust with something. I will be dusting mine with dust to see if I can keep them at bay when my dill gets big enough to put into my ghetto pots.
    Stay cool and busy and don't overdo it. Looking forward to the swing photos.

    1. I have a large plot of self seeded dill; I think I have enough to share but I will keep a close watch.

  3. You are always so busy, Glenda, that I'm amazed that you find time for blogging! We got a little dab of rain yesterday, but need so much more. The grass hasn't needed mowing because it's just come to a stand still. My garden isn't coming along very well either, in spite of my watering. Probably it's the city water. I'm running to Columbia today and looking to see what plants are left. I need to replace a couple of herbs that I try to grow in pots and some petunias that aren't doing well at all this year.

    1. Watering even from the well isn't as good as getting a nice rain. This kind of weather makes gardening a challenge.

      I haven't done any annuals much and may not because of the weather.

  4. Since none of my hot peppers (Anaheim & hot wax) germinated this year (new seed!), I, too, had to pony up a buck apiece for pepper plants. Still, it's way cheaper than buying peppers later on.

    So different than last year. Now I'm the one's who's dry and envying your rainy days. *pant* Looking forward to pics on that shady side of the house with the table and swing.

    1. I don't know why I was so lazy about starting hot peppers myself. I had good success with California Wonders and Cheese Peppers but just neglected getting hot pepper seeds.

      I think it is worth it to go to a good nursery for plants....even if the cost is greater. I checked a local nursery and her tomato plants were purple veined....she needed desperately to be feeding them some phosphorous. You get what you pay for.

  5. Sounds like you've been going from dawn til dusk like many of the rest of us! Why is it that there are still so many "not yet done" things on our lists? I haven't had to buy any started plants this year but my home grown ones are still in that stage of looking a little stressed from being set out. I'm hoping they all make it!

    1. Because we all have too many things to do!