Saturday, June 9, 2012

I got the trimmer started at not following the book's directions. Trimmers are the blight of my gardening existence.  Do they make one that really works great and is easy to start?  I think not.

Trimmed around the Annabelle hydrangea, the garden fence border, the south side of the peppers, around the garden gate and then the string got jammed.  I quit trimming for the morning.

I harvested the little crop of carrots, and my first potatoes of the season, Yukon Golds, I think.  The carrots weren't too bad.  I thought the Danvers Half Longs were sweeter than the other one, whose name escapes me, but was an heirloom from Baker Creek.  I pulled another small bowl of cucumbers.  Now I need to look  up Kris 's recipe for refrigerator pickles.

I will have  to begin watering again tomorrow......

June 8, 2012

Well instead of gardening, we had to go to town to help MIL with her new computer...............

I did manage to mow yesterday evening.

So I am heading outside now to try to catch up.


  1. God created the idea of string trimmers to remind us to slow down and to take our fish oil. They do make all the difference though, when I edge with it my wife always comments about how good the yards look.

  2. So, the so-called "EZ PULL" is giving you grief, eh? That's sad to hear, especially since you ponied up a pretty penny for the function. I actually got my Bolens (that I bought last Nov) out of the box a couple of weeks ago, and it's been starting right up (an EZ Pull type). Don't know if I actually LIKE using it. I tend to whack off stuff I didn't mean too and my legs get plastered with clippings. Noisy too, so it doesn't get used much. Your's is probably a quieter model. Hope it behaves for you now.

  3. Weed wackers don't fit my hands. Tried to use one once, Hubs said I used up too much string. He does all that and gets into trouble with it, too!

    I'm getting "little harvests", but nothing I can be proud of. Praying for RAIN!!!