Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 12 to June 16

It's a lovely cool morning here.  I had the sprinkler going on the east end of the garden by 6:30 (in my p.j.'s).  I am pretty safe at the time of the  morning and I can always duck into an outbuilding if need be!

I can't  believe how dry things are so soon after our l inch rain....but the winds are blowing  daily and it is way too for June.

We had our storm Monday morning that flattened the corn. I took this picture today, but the corn was up the day before.

and taken from the east side,

Note:   you can finally see the strawberry plants above the mulch....I  will have to keep watering them regularly.

I planted more pole beans.  Some Cherokee Trail of Tears and some Half Runners.  I wasn't going to tell this story on myself, but will anyway.  The reason for planting more beans is that Tuesday I picked the wrong sprayer and sprayed Round-up on lots of things thinking I was spraying for Japanese Beetles.  There is no excuse for doing that.  Both sprayers are the same color and brand but one is larger.  I just simply chose the wrong tank.  By the time  I realized what I had done,  I jumped off the mower and hosed off everything.  So far only the beans died completely.  I will have to wait out the 7 days to see what else I have killed.  I kept saying I was going to cut back.....maybe I have!

I have now tied an orange twine (baler) around the lid of the poison tank and have the same tie around the smaller hand sprayer.  Surely that  will stop me from doing it again.  Sometimes I think I should just dump all herbicides.  I know they are not a good thing ever.  I may still do that.

Don't sympathize with me.....I don't deserve it.  I called my Sis and she guessed immediately what had happened.  She gave me all the sympathy I craved.  I was drinking a water glass of wine at the time and she suggested I finish the bottle.  I didn't. 

I actually had the nerve yesterday to spray the beetles, but I noticed this morning that the orchard spray doesn't give 24-hour kill. I may have to  use just Sevin and see how that goes. 

After that disaster, I made myself go back to the orchard and prune up the damaged trees and mow.  The tomatoes back there are looking good.  I may need to start tying them to the panel soon.  I will water and then mulch  them too.

I bought a yard swing for the west yard to go with the picnic table. 
We laid out all the swing pieces and I got a good coat of waterseal on them before we assembled the swing the next day.

It went together pretty smoothly but needed us both on some stages.

DH had to pick up chicken feed at MFA yesterday and came back chuckling over them having the same darned swing for sale.  Now, I am wanting two matching ones....will be calling  for a price later.  I want them to put it together though! 

I processed another quart of blackberries....the beetles have found them but are not too bad yet.  I try to pick as soon as I see ripe ones.

Plans today are to mow and trim. 


  1. Oh Glenda ~ I am so sorry about your mix up with the sprays and hope you don't lose too much.

    Your swing looks fantastic and I know you both will enjoy it as will visitors.

    Have a wonderful weekend and don't work too hard.


  2. Okay then, no sympathy from me. Not in PRINT at least. ;-D I read your comment on my blog on all the things we have to deal with to get a few decent flowers and vegetables. I think you should have actually listed our names too. Oh, how often have we sabotaged ourselves? Lots, I'm afraid. Still, I hope you don't loose any more than the beans.

    Looking forward to Glenda-on-the-swing pics.....

  3. Well, if it's any consolation, I've done that, too. TWICE. Once I thought I had the container of bagworm killer. Yep, hosed everything off as soon as I realized, but one pecan tree died and the other was sick for about a year and was set back. Another time I had some RoundUp in a can, I was painting the leaves of certain things with a paintbrush. And then when I started to water some little seedlings several days later, I saw that water and forgot what it was. We'd had a rain and I was thinking "rainwater", AND WATERED THE SEEDLINGS WITH IT!!!! Don't let anyone tell you Roundup becomes inert after it's been applied. Those peat pellets that the seedlings had been in would not grow another thing after that.

    But the swing looks good.

    We finally got about 3/4" of rain in the early morning on Friday. But it is already almost as if it never happened. Chances are good for some tonight. I thought we were going to get a cloudburst this morning as there was a big black cloud overhead that almost turned us into night. But it passed, with nothing delivered. So close but yet so far away.

  4. I'm sorry about the Roundup mixup! Every year I say I'm going to stop using it, but every year I buy another (generic) supply! Hopefully the rinse-off will help.

  5. That happened to the Pres once, Glenda...he though he was spraying one thing on all our fruit trees and it turned out to be Weed Killer! Our trees were ruined that season...the fruit just dropped off as the leaves curled up. But there's always hope, sweetheart...never, never give up!...:)JP