Saturday, November 7, 2009

Absent for a While

We were gone for a few days so I am behind on everything including my beginning blog.

We had a wonderful time, but are glad to be home again as always.

The weather has changed finally and we are having perfect, sunny fall days with temperatures near 70° and cool nights. I have lots to do outside but on the spur of the moment we decided to have the dining room floors timeout to unload china cabinets, drag all furniture into other rooms remove curtains, all the things you have to do. We were lucky they could start immediately and should be finished and ready to put furniture back next Friday.

The major issue was the corner of the dining room was my office! I decided I didn't want to be computerless for 7 days so headed off to find an extension for my highspeed cable. Of course couldn't find one with a male and female end so had to hook into the router in the dining room and then on to the computer. Works fine but I had to tape the cables and router up off the floor so the guys could do the second coat Monday.

At first I had set it up in the living room but that's DH's domain....wasn't going to work for me. Today I unhooked it all and moved to the domain. It isn't perfect but it is working.
What I wouldn't give for an office. I have my eye on a small front porch which would be perfect..........if enclosed.

The temporary office:
temporary office

The yard and garden aren't getting much attention, but I did see that my little patch of garlic has sprouted nicely.
New garlic planting

I noticed this right outside the back door a few days ago. Not a Halloween joke. There is an old cistern that previous owners made into a brick planter after filling it in....lots of holes and rocks under there. I have seen black snakes crawl under it before. I guess one shed his skin the dead basil bush growing in it. I didn't know they shed this late in the season.



  1. Oh, No! I thought they were looking for a place to sleep for winter by now. I am always glad to see winter because I don't have to worry about snakes- not as much anyway.

    I have been going through floor renovations for 10 years. Mine all had to be replaced- the sub-floors that is. It has been a mess, and a ton of work. Almost done, now.

  2. We had the old pine floors redone when we did the kitchen; then the two bedrooms. Next on the agenda when we can stand it, will be the living room and our bedroom. We will finally be done with carpet! Hope we don't live to regret it.........