Monday, November 9, 2009

A Little bit of gardening finally

Too much time has been spent inside lately. Yesterday I finally got the daylily seeds I had collected planted and under the lights on the back porch. I did Double Joann, Chorus Line (or another pink?), Grape Magic (the longest blooming for me), a pale yellow cross of my own, and Joan Senior. I have lots of Hyperion seeds, but sure don't need more. I still have a "nursery" row in the garden to be moved. They are well past the nursery stage, monster plants that would fill a bushel basket.

This plant light stand has served me well. I can grow 12 flats under the lights. Each light unit has (4) 48" fluorescent bulbs, some grow lights, some not.

While I was out surveying my 'kingdom' yesterday, I got a couple of picture with the zoom (so not the best) of our state bird, the Eastern Bluebird.
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  1. I have a growing stand like that. I need to replace all the bulbs this year, probably. Worth the investment.

    I have a bunch of daylilies heeled in the nursery that need planting, too. Lots of work needs doing, everywhere!