Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Aftermath

It always takes me a few days to get back to normal and into my routine after a holiday. I have the kitchen and dining room back to normal and DH, aka my personal laundry man, has the laundry all caught up. The guest bedrooms will take further attention. We have a small house and even with three extra people it seems crowded....

We did enjoy great weather Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Our daughter and granddaughter and I took the ATV for a ride over the farm and got to see the cows up close and personal. Grand and daughter did quite a bit of walking, but my foot was 'acting up' so I rode. I always enjoy that because I don't make myself tour the back of the farm as often as I should.

I was pleased to see the cows in lots of deep grass.....still.

Gardening: I have been notified that my seed orders are being shipped. That sets an early record for me!

The daylily seedling under lights are growing rapidly. I will start feeding them a very low strength fertilizer soon. Two of them didn't germinate, Double Joann and the cream with a burgundy eyed one.

I found two surprises this week outside. I have a lavender growing in the old well planter by the pink rose. I forgot I stuck one left over in there. It is looking good. Then after the frost killed back the hostas.....there stood a turned over jar and beside it was a rose cutting..........have no idea which one it is. I vaguely remember planting it. Could be the Aloha because I try to take cuttings regularly since it is susceptible to RRD. The leaf doesn't look like it though. Should be fun to watch it bloom next summer.

Lavender bonus plant

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  1. Aren't surprises GREAT? Lavender and roses, just wonderful. I think it would be fun driving an ATV around your own farm.