Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We have been having some very disagreeable weather with drizzly rain for three days and highs in the 40's. Total accumulation has only been a little over l inch.

We have finally got the dining room back together and the computer/office corner done (I think). May change it some. Rehung the shades and sheers on two windows so they would be at the top of the wall like the other two.
It looks much better .They all match now. We are really happy with the refinished floors. I have been doing the fun things like washing all the dishes that were in the china cabinet and the hutch and putting them away. Then cleaned out the two drawers in the hutch. This is the cleanest the dining room has been since we moved in in 1991.

Milk Cow: She really misbehaved when I milked yesterday morning. Moving around a lot and finally got her foot into the bucket of milk causing me to loose about a quart. I smacked her on her front foot....doesn't do any good but I was mad.....I am writing the date on the calender. It may be a heat thing or she could already be bred since she has had the company of one of the BA bulls since she calved. She really would rather nurse the calves than have me milk.

Gardening: Inside. The daylily seeds are beginning to sprout. I have a mystery going.One section that should be Grape Magic sure doesn't look like daylilies. Wonder what seeds I labeled wrong? They all looked like daylily seeds when I planted them. Maybe when the true leaves develop, I will know.

Food: and gardening. I cannot grow rhubarb and love rhubarb pie and preserves. I have given up and now my sis in Iowa brings me a few packages each year. I just cooked down a bag with additional sugar and had the preserves with biscuits this morning. Delicious!

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  1. If you've never tried rhubarb-strawberry preserves, it is to die for!

    I can't seem to grow rhubarb, either. I keep trying, it keeps dying.