Friday, November 13, 2009

Good Friday morning.

Well, one day closer to the floor being dry enough to move the furniture back. Still lots of smell from the oil varnish they used.

We did get the shades rehung last night which was nice. I had washed the windows earlier. We live close to the road and the windows are large. I am paranoid about having windows covered at night.

Today I will paint the trim next to the floor and by Sunday, the furniture will go back.

I took a tour of the yard and found a few things here and there still blooming.

My favorite this time of year is the dwarf nandina. I love the huge clusters of red berries.

This has been a surprising year for the reblooming iris. I think they must thrive in cool weather and lots of rain. Two varieties have really done well here: Dashing and Suky.

I found one single bloom of rudbeckia that still looked good.

and of course, the petunias are still going strong. I am afraid they will finally freeze hard before the seed pods ripen. I am trying to save a few for friends.

This is my morning to milk. It was supposed to be yesterday but the two calves got to her before I could separate them....they are too large to manhandle so I rescheduled.

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