Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yesterday was a productive day for me. I worked up another Long Island Cheese Squash that I thought was beginning to go bad. I didn't need it, but I have inherited my Mother's frugal ways and can't stand to waste anything. I will share with the family. They will like that it is in little bags ready to use!

I did some cleaning on an outbuilding so I can have the floor to work on another project involving some old storm windows.....if I can get my husband to help.

The floor crew didn't put on the final coat until late in the day, so the windows were not opened and we are practically asphyxiated with fumes. I was up early and opened several windows and turned the furnace on. The floor feels dry to the touch but I won't do much in there for a couple of more days and no furniture until next Monday. I does look nice.

Carpeting is starting to sound better for the living room and our bedroom!

I mowed all the leaves in windrows in the yard and if we don't get too strong winds it should remain as mulch for winter.

Our resident indoor/outdoor cat who came to us in a strange way has been gone for several days. We finally decided she was not coming back; opened the back door this morning and there she was. She ate forever and is now bedded down on our bed. We first met her at the city park in a nearby town. We were walking and she came up to us and rubbed on our legs and asked to be petted which we did. Then she darted across the street into a residential area and we went home.

Several days later we were walking on our road, got to the corner (rural area, 5 miles from the park) and there she was! I told DH it was meant to be and he picked her up and we carried her home. There is more to the story.........she was a young cat and came in heat. I have never had a female cat that wasn't spayed so I didn't realize they were in heat for several days and just kept her locked up 24hours......the end result was she got bred. In my naivete I decided to let her keep the pregnancy thinking she was so young she would just have 2 or 3 kittens.

She had 6 in the middle of my spare bedroom comforter; raised all of them. Our daughter took two and we kept the others and had all including Mama spayed and the one male neutered. When she weaned the kittens she totally wants nothing to do with them. She will not eat with them, lay about with them, nothing Nada.

She comes to the house and scratches on the back door when she wants in. You should see my door. She also goes to the door when she wants out, but in between she disappears for a day or lots more. We have no idea where she goes.

The 4 remaining kittens are now barn cats (that we feed, of course) and wander the farm at their leisure. Lord knows we have enough mice and field rats to keep them entertained.


There are still a few stragglers hanging on, petunias, the old-fashioned vining kind and some variegated ones.

From Fall 2009

Fall blooming iris Dashing,

From Fall 2009
I thought it was a double bloom but there are two separate blooms here,
From Fall 2009

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  1. I am so happy to see you blogging. I love reading about your farm and what you are doing, about your critters, cooking, flowers, etc. I love your header picture. Looks like the kind of place we would choose, to live in the country.