Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Errand Day

We needed to make a library run so decided to go on into the 'big city' and check out the Aldi grocery store. We didn't know you had to unlock the carts for shopping and you should take your own boxes or bags! We are trying a few things to see if we like them. I was disappointed that I didn't find the cream of mushroom soup, but I did stock up on diced tomatoes and sauce and paste. I haven't opened any yet. We have tried their crackers and they are fine. DH got his bananas for 39 cents and will be trying their raisin bran cereal. I compared the labels and they are almost identical. All in all, some savings...it is just quite a distance for us and on the wrong side of town but close to a new Wal-Mart. We might make a monthly run on those two. I am not really much of a shopper.

Next was the library. I loaded up with 6 books and have two on hold that should be here shortly. I am set for reading for a while. Some are selected just for me and some we will both read.

We stopped by Hobby Lobby on the way out of town. I wanted to pick up some fleece to line various "cat" cushions with so I could just remove them when company is coming rather than using an entire roll of tape to remove the hairs!
I am coming to this animal-inside-the-house thing late in life and it is taking some getting used to. We just have the one cat (that has house privileges) but she won't confine herself to just one cushion....oh no! She has slept in every single one of the 13 various ones in the house. I think this looks better than the papers we had spread. We didn't get much choice in color, and this red isn't as dark as I wanted but it will have to do
From Drop Box
From House
From House

Here are a few bird pictures. We saw these on the neighbor's pond when we did our errands yesterday and I couldn't resist taking a picture or two.

From Birds
and as they made their way into the pond,


  1. Love your indoor kitty, from that position she looks just like our Tork, who occasionally gets to come in. She is our outdoor girl, although she does sleep in our kitchens' screened in porch during the night. Those ducks are neat and they look happy to have milder days.

    I love your header picture.


  2. I actually prefer the Millville brand raisin brand over the other stuff. The nearest Aldi to us is about 40 minutes away so we only go once a month or so too. Tip: you can take old pillow cases for bags if you've got them laying around--they don't cost money and they don't break if they get full :-)