Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Visitor and the broccoli is up

I had a visit from a dear friend of maybe 50 years yesterday. She retired to Panama and it is so interesting to hear about that. Guess what they are considered a third world country and they have a marvelous health-care system that costs about half what ours does! Think about it..............

Yesterday was also bread-making day. I did the oatmeal, honey wheat bread. We love that oatmeal flavor in the bread.

Plant wise
: finally the broccoli is coming up. I think I should have been leaving it in a warmer place at night. Our back porch gets pretty chilly. I have them sitting on top of the plant light today so hopefully the rest will germinate.

The snaps are up nicely. It looks like I actually got them planted thin enough. I mixed the seeds with sand before sprinkling. I have never done that before.
Because of having company, the house is nice and tidy so I can do whatever I please today (I usually do anyway). We will drive to the library and pick up a couple of books I had ordered. We have a drive-up window so no walking is involved.
I will also have DH return the udder balm he picked up for me (the cow!). I ordered "Udder Balm" in the green tin, but he got something cheaper thinking he was doing a good thing. It is yellow and water based...not good in the winter.

Chickens are still laying well for the cold and being shut up most of the time. I saw an egg custard pie on another Blog Chickens in the Road
that I think I will try today. I love her blog. I think I got it from Ilene's blog A Visit with Grandma


  1. Panama? How exotic!

    Congrats on the sprouting plants. Spring is coming. Slowly, but it's coming. I hope.

  2. Glad to hear you got to visit with a good friend.

    Seeds sprouting--must mean this weather's actually going to get better. I was thinking it was never gonna change! LOL.