Monday, February 15, 2010

Life in Country isn't always a bed of roses.

It is a very cold, windy and snowy day here this morning. We have about l inch on so far. The "flurries" are looking serious.

I know we like to think of living in the country as heaven on earth . For me it truly is, but it does have its moments that I could do without. I guess this is for the true novices to country life. We need to talk about the good and the ugly.

Last week I had some of the ugly when my sweet milk cow Annabelle decided to step into my lap and when I protested, she then stepped down onto my left foot! I let her know in no uncertain terms that I was not a happy milker at that point.
I did make myself sit back down and milk. I have no real idea what caused the ruckus. Maybe the stray cat jumped up into the manger and scared her, maybe I did something wrong......she never told me her reason.

I do think milking her daily would be a very good thing so I wouldn't have to re-invent the wheel every time I milk. But, we don't need the milk and I don't want to milk daily so we will follow my routine of milking every three or four days.

Today was my day to need to milk. DH said he would go into the barn with me (a very generous offer on his part!) and stay through the milking. So far so good. I start to clip the rope to her halter. I went back to the milk parlor, brought all three spare halters back. None fit her. Hers is a horse halter and fits loosely....obviously too loosely. New approach was required. I untied her rope and fit it around her neck and tied it to the stanchion. I eased up to her and got settled and was able to finish without mishap. She was a bit restless and lifted her rear leg several times....a thing that I do not like. She also was down in her production. Lots of things cause this: new hay (which we have), change in routine (which we had) and bad weather (which we have). I hope that by the time I need to milk again, I will be much improved in the limping area. In the meantime,we will have to find or buy another halter for her.

Such is real life on the farm. My aunt said "I guess you have had your fill of a milk cow now." I told her not at all. I will keep on keeping on.

I have a batch of hamburger buns going. I plan on having leftover chili on hot dogs for lunch...not heart healthy, but I crave them once in a while.

This is the view outside the dining room today.

From Winter 2010

We are white again.


  1. Think I've milked twice in my life as a youngster. Hope you heal up quickly.

    Found myself enjoying the snow a little more this year. Hopefully I'll come back to my senses soon. :-)

  2. Glenda, that sounds painful! What does a cow weigh, a ton? I mean, literally, don't they weigh a lot?

    Sure wish we lived closer, I'd take your extra milk and help you with your expenses! Then you could milk every day for sure! Been trying to find someone locally I could do that with. I know it's not legal to sell milk but this wouldn't be actually a transaction.... more like a partnership. What a crock that law was when it was first enacted, that didn't allow farmers to sell milk. It put a lot of dairy farmers at a hardship and put the Amish pretty much out of business. I just hate Big Brother Government.

  3. I enjoy reading your milking adventures, Glenda. There's something so very basic about it, touches a chord so to speak. With the ever-deepening snow hereabouts this year if I had a cow she'd only give ice cream. LOL Hope your foot is healing up.