Saturday, February 6, 2010

Foggy Day in the Ozarks

From 7 inch snow of january 2010

This was taken this morning and it is after 11 AM now and not much better outside.
DH has gone to town this morning so I have spent the morning doing little household things. I dusted (hate that), put on a pot of pinto beans, made a print pillow slip cover for the wing back chair. DH has been putting a bed pillow behind his back. I had some print that I thought would look better than a white pillow case.

I just looked out and the dog is laying out front waiting until DH gets home. As least he is not laying in the road like he often does.

From 7 inch snow of january 2010

February 6

We are still very wet here and have lots of snow still on the ground. It hasn't frozen for the last few nights so it is very soggy underfoot. They are promising us another 6 inch snow on Monday. I hope it never shows up.


At last some gardening to report on.
After milking I stayed at the barn where I keep my potting supplies and seeds and planted the following:

2 six-packs Premium Crop Broccoli
1/2 flat onion seed, Candy
1/2 flat Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage and Late Flat Dutch Cabbabe
Red Snaps
Meconopsis ( a gift so I am holding my breath they germinate)it is that elusive blue Himalayan Poppy
Rudbeckia triloba - Seeds from 2008 that I should have sowed before. I left it in the milk parlor since it needs cold temps to germinate

That catches me up until next month.

Farm: We are waiting for a load of hay to be delivered. The constant ground cover of snow is using up our hay supply faster than we planned.

DH made us a fresh pot of coffee. I needed it to warm up. There is no heat in the barn where I was working and my feet are cold!

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  1. Glenda ~ I just love your header picture. The creams, darks, whites and grays. Very pretty for a winter scene.

    I'm sure you are so ready for spring. I planted seeds yesterday back in my potting area. I had on jeans, slip on keds, short sleeve t shirt. We even turned on the a.c. til night time. We had some sprinkles too off and on during the day.

    Today it is chilly and windy, and it's supposed to go down to the 40's tonight.

    A pot of pinto beans sounds good. I cooked up split peas yesterday for a curried soup, delicious!!

    Have a nice weekend.


    P.S. I hate dusting too, it is never ending. :-)