Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Big Snow

Well, it got here. We ended up with 7 inches. It is the finest snow and very tiring to walk in and footing is treacherous. We were 16° this morning when I got up at 4:30 AM.

The very first thing I did when it got daylight was to refill the bird feeders. I took a very bad shot of the the Feeding Tree just to show how many Cardinals visited this morning. I think I counted 22 males.
From 7 inch snow of january 2010

We decided I should milk this morning since tomorrow will be colder yet. I couldn't resist taking a picture of my helper. He has to get Willow up for me because she would rather the babies nurse than I milk! I have to go into the pen for her. She comes right to the gate for my husband because she knows he isn't going to milk!
From 7 inch snow of january 2010

and of course, Biscuit wanted his picture taken. He is usually known as Digger Dog.
From 7 inch snow of january 2010

All outdoor chores are done, for me at least. My next thing will be to try once again to make ricotta from the leftover whey from the cottage cheese. If this fails, I vow to never try again.

Update on the Bubblewrap as insulation: We are pleased. There has been no condensation on the glass so no running down the door and freezing on the tile. Of course, we knew the draft stoppers for the doors was a good thing.


  1. Hi Glenda,
    Look at that all those birds! I've never seen that many cardinals in one place! I think there must be some kind of contest that could be entered in. You said the photo isn't good, but it is amazing to me that you were able to come upon such an event! Your snow is pretty, and I love your header photo, too!

    I hope your ricotta turns out. Your cottage cheese looks yummy.

  2. I forgot to tell Biscuit how good he looks in snow.

  3. Hi Glenda - glad the bubble wrap on the windows are working as well for you as for me. I found that using the petroleum jelly to attach to the glass (instead of initial water) has worked great. No slipping off and no condensation at all.

    I had no idea cardinals flocked like that. Are they all overwintering there? Very colorful at the feeder to be sure. Keep warm...