Friday, January 22, 2010

It's a grey and damp Friday. These are not my favorite kinds of days, especially when they start with an 8 AM dental appointment. It really wasn't too bad, just a cleaning and x-rays and the good news is all is well! I almost panic when they squirt water in my mouth while working. With my sinuses, I think I am going to choke to death...........enough about that.

In our little town, the library is just across the lot from the dentist and there is a drugstore and a Dollar General, plus a few other things in the shopping area. I took advantage and stopped in the Dollar General for a hand mirror and the visited the library for a new load of books. Mostly mysteries, but a couple of different ones for me....I do read the mysteries too. This was an unplanned visit so I just browsed the shelves. I really like to order the books online and just go in and pick them up.


I tried a new method of baked beans yesterday using the crockpot and we both think they are very good. I used the Great Northern that I had but think they might be better with navy beans, good nevertheless.


They are finally doing much better. We are getting between 8 and 4 daily now and are accumulating quite a stockpile.

Cattle: DH moved them to a 7 acre lot at the back of the farm that hasn't been grazed since spring. It will be interesting to see how long that holds their attention. We need to pull them off that whole section because we will be cutting hay back there this year.

Gardening: I will need to clip the daylilies seedlings under the lights. They have reached up to the bulbs. It will either be that or move them to another shelf where I can raise the light fixture. They are currently on the top shelf and that light is stationary.

The amaryllis bulb I brought inside now has two blooms open and two more to go.
This original bulb is probably 4 years old and was a gift from my sis's greenhouse.

From Plants

I think the rest of my day will be spent in my 'nest' in the corner of the kitchen with a good book.

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  1. Your day sounds like it was lovely except for the dentist visit. Love your amaryllis blooms. Hope today is another good day for you.