Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It is -5° here this morning and is supposed to get colder by Thursday.  I don't know if the temperature if affecting the internet or not, but I can't get anything to work this morning.  I can get on, but it is slow as molasses.

I plan to milk this morning.  I hope the poor cow is OK.  Her teat ends are a big concern for me.  She can get into the shed which is deep packed bedding.  I hope she has taken advantage.  I will be feeding her lots of extra this morning.  I will let you know how things go.

We got up another heifer that looks pregnant.  I hope she is just fat!

The holidays are truly over.  Our company left yesterday and I have emptied all the goodie tins and may just pitch any leftovers in the candy line.

I have a new project to begin which is very good for this time of year.  I know I will be a bit rusty but hope that can be overcome quickly.  Our granddaughter and grandson want a Peruvian Earflap Cap.  They found a crochet pattern that they liked and picked out some yarn from my stash.  I will start today.

I worry about everyone in this extreme cold.  Nothing works like it should....old farm truck won't start, one of the tractors won't start....and who knows what else we will find this morning.
So far we have no frozen water lines.  We have been leaving water dripping any day and night that temperature is below 10°.

 I do hope all the homeless found shelter last night....that worries me always.

We are snug inside and will make short work of our outside chores.

Floridians are worried about the citrus crops and so are we.

Update:  I t has warmed to 16°.  Morning chores went well; cow was fine.  Actually I was out about an hour and didn't get cold.  It was a big help that there was no wind.   Not looking forward to the predicted -8°  Thursday.

I made a big pot of chicken and rice soup with mixed vegetables and okra for lunch...........and supper.

The birds are eating the seeds as fast as we can fill the feeders.
From Birds


  1. Brr! You're even colder than us -- and I don't even want to think about that. I think I'm going to go turn on the oven and roast a turkey that's been defrosting.

    Glad the cow was okay!

  2. That's a lot of birds. I had no idea you had an actual farm. I've added your blog to my sidebar to keep up to date with what you're doing.

    If you get a chance, pop by the cottage garden forum. I posted a thank you for the seeds. At least I hope I'm thanking the right person. ;)

    Keep warm. It's supposed to actually warm up here a bit on Thursday, then snow.

  3. We have a farm, but are within 20 miles of Springfield, Mo., and 5 miles of a smaller town that does have a grocery store, so it is the best of all worlds. We have beef cattle, I have a milk cow, we have chickens and cats and dogs.

    I finally saw your Thank You! I seem to be spending more time reading Blogs, including your, these days.