Monday, January 18, 2010

It is a beautiful sunny day this morning.  We did have a light freeze overnight with a little glaze on some mudpuddles.

I decided to milk again because I want to make cottage cheese.  I have 5 quarts setting to clabber right now.  I added 1 1/2 cups of my home cultured buttermilk to get it started.  By tomorrow I should have a good, firm curd.

I am trying a new recipe for Pumpkin/Raisin Muffins.  I am trying new recipes that call for pumpkin since I had such a bumper crop last year of Butternuts and Long Island Cheeses.  I will let you know how it does.  The Recipe is from Betty of Mennonite Girls Can Cook

I sorted all my yarn stash into the bargain under-bed containers I bought and now have actually slid them under the bed!  Must do some serious house cleaning later today.


  1. My gosh Glenda ~ You are such an inspiration. I wish I lived near you so I could watch and learn from you. I am really impressed with all that you do to feed and care for your family.


  2. So buttermilk was your only addition to the milk? I recently tried making cheese and it was an utter failure.

  3. Diane, I didn't want to use rennet. I keep buttermilk 'going' all the time. When it gets low, I take one cup and add to another quart or so of new milk and let it stay on the counter overnight or until it clabbers. That way I always have a starter on hand.

    All I have ever done successfully is cottage cheese and mozzarella. I did the micro-wave version.

    Flowerlady, you must remember I am a country girl. I was raised this way. I have always loved the simple life and felt I would have been completely content in the 1850's (minus the Civil War of course).

    I love the idea that with a small piece of land, a cow, chickens, and a garden, we can feed ourselves 100% independent of the stores. Isn't that a great idea. I also want my food to be real and not be chuck full of chemicals. I try never to buy prepared mixes or anything that I don't know what the ingredients are! I raised my family with that concept for the most part.