Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Storm is on the they say.

They are telling us we could get upwards of 12 inches of snow and temps dropping down to 8°.

That prompted us to head to W-M to buy some Bubblewrap to stick to the back door glass that sweats and freezes in extreme cold. There is no storm door out there and no room for one. The I decided to make two draft stoppers for the north door in the living room. It has an aluminum storm door which, in my opinion, is useless. I have plans to have that replaced this summer with an insulated one. The other one is for the said back porch door. Got it all accomplished. Now sure the bubblewrap is going to work. I may just do two long strips over the panes instead of the individual ones on the 12 panes.

Well, the night passed down to 23° and the pieces of bubble wrap stayed on with no signs of leaking sweat down the door.
This was milking morning. All went well. I bottled part and brought part down to make cottage cheese again.

What else can you do on a cold, dreary day, but make bread. We weren't out but I had a yen to do Sorghum Cracked Wheat bread. I have made it before but it has been a long time. I just used the KA mixer and after about 4-5 minutes of kneading, sprayed the top with olive oil and covered with a damp cloth for the first rise. I didn't even get it out and do the final knead on the board. I just left it in the bowl in the rough form from the dough hook. I won't make any difference in the final loaf. It makes a pretty sticky dough.

From Food

Picture for the Day:

DH yelled for me to come take a picture of Emmy sitting on the stump right outside the kitchen window. She was watching the younger cats cavorting in the flower beds. She isn't too please they are here.

From Cats

That's all that's going on in my world today. Just warily watching the skies for the storm.


  1. What a beautiful girl Emmy is!

    Hope the bubble wrap works for you. I wonder if one big sheet over all those small ones would stay on, and whether it would do any good?

    Been real busy, things are kind of in a mess right now. Will try to blog soon. Hugs!

  2. Oh I know that look.

    We're getting the same storm this weekend. Good luck, we're all gonna need it. Ice and freezing rain for us, most likely.

  3. Glenda ~ The draft stoppers sound like a great idea, as does the bubble wrap on your doors glass. Hope it helps to keep out the cold and condensation.

    Emmy is a sweetie.

    I made a crockpot full of white chicken chili today, also guacamole from a huge avocado that my boss gave me from one of his trees.

    Hope the winter storm isn't too bad, and that you have a nice day tomorrow.


  4. what a beautiful cat and great photo. love your blog as well.