Friday, January 29, 2010

The Storm

When we got up this morning, not much had happened. We had maybe an inch of very fine snow on and some falling. It is a cold 21°. No ice for us. Finally about an hour ago a very heavy snow began falling. We will wait and see what we get. Now they are saying tops of 6". It is worse south of us which seems strange.

I finished another batch of cottage cheese this morning from yesterday's milking. Now I am letting the whey which was very white set overnight to develop more acidity and will try for the last time to make ricotta. It is supposed to be foolproof....not in my case. You just cook the whey and the top foam is the ricotta.

I wasn't happy with yesterday's whole wheat bread. It didn't raise much the last time or I didn't let it raise long enough. Anyway, it was very heavy and dense textured. The flavor was great and it toasted good but not what I want. I am having a good time trying for that perfect loaf. So far, we like the Honey Wheat Oat Bran bread the best.

Here are a couple of pictures of the bread:

From Food
From Food
From Food

Now, I have to tell you why the bread didn't rise to the tops of the pans like I like......It was just for two loaves....I made three out of it! Most of the recipes in this book make three loaves...........not this one. I had to laugh when I looked it up. I am rethinking my assessment of the bread. I believe I might do it two loaves the next time.

Snow has let up. I doubt we get the 6 inches.

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