Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Cows

We live on a farm so now and then I will do some pieces about the farming side of life.

We have Black Angus cattle.  I have a Milking Shorthorn cow for milk and her adult M. Shorthorn daughter who is old enough to breed now.  She had another heifer calf this year who is out of our Black Angus Bull....don't know what kind of milker that will make.

Here is a picture I took in warmer times when I was checking the cows.  Our dog, Biscuit, was with me.  I seem to always have in the background of all pictures I take outside, either the dog, the cats, or my husband!

Biscuit checking the cows with me

DH takes care of the cattle; I just look on.....until we have to 'work' them, then I do all the shots, ear tagging, etc.  I also do the record keeping.  I keep a spreadsheet of our inventory.  I finally think I have it updated correctly.

For the most part, the cows are not a lot of work.  Winters are the hardest, especially snow and ice when the pastures are covered.  Then, hay has to be fed.  We use large round bales and they are fed with the tractor.  Most good years, we don't have to feed hay unless the ground is covered with snow.  We have been blessed with lots of rain for several years now.

One more picture.  This is Willow, my milk cow.  She is a bit stubborn and independent but has been perfect for just DH and me.  She also raised two calves a year, hers and an extra.
Willow the second day at our farm

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