Sunday, January 3, 2010

Final Seed Order for the 2010 Garden

I just sent in my second order to Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Surely, this will finish me for the gardening year. Most were vegetable seeds but I did succumb to blue bachelor buttons, caldenula (will be planted in the garden), and a rare variety of French marigolds 'Tashkent' and some blue larkspur. I am having a hard time reestablishing larkspur again. I will plant the marigolds with the beans.

The big project looming ahead is getting a new plot ready for open pollinated corn and squash that is very far removed from my main kitchen garden. I might even have to buy a 2 or 3 bottom plow for the tractor or hire it plowed or..........use the thingy we have that looks like a disc with serrated edges.


Today I am trying a new recipe for Potato Bread. I added some whole wheat flour to the recipe but all else is the same. It is a bread that has two rises before the final proof for the oven. That always makes for a more flavorful bread.

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