Monday, October 18, 2010

First calf from Heifer Group - apple pie - Cleaned Pantry

Another perfect fall day here. This is the first time in a long time we have had such wonderful fall weather. We are enjoying it!

I milked again this morning and when I looked out across the heifer pasture I saw two all by themselves way back to the west property line. We have 13 heifers in this group all due to calve sometime this fall so that was an alert. After I finished bottling yesterday's milk, I headed back there. Sure enough one had calved with a beautiful heifer calf. The other one looks eminent.

From Willow and other cows

I decided to walk into the rest of the group and see how everyone was doing. All look pregnant except for one....and she doesn't look promising. Time will tell.
Here is an example of how time flies. When we bought Willow (milk cow) we also bought her heifer calf, Annabelle. I weaned her shortly after we got them home back in July, 2008. Now here she is, pregnant and ready to calve!

From Willow and other cows

I hope the rest of the heifer calving goes as easy as this one.


I made the new favorite pie crust recipe this morning so I wouldn't have the floury mess tomorrow when my sis is due in. It makes enough for 3 double-crust pies...I love that. Earlier I had cooked up the last of the apples (using my maslin pan, Ilene) and so couldn't resist making us a pie. That didn't leave enough apples to bother with canning so we will have chunky applesauce while they are here.
From Food

I tidied up the pantry and was finished for the day. I just wish it would stay tidy!


  1. Annabelle is a really striking cow - wonderful coloring on her. Equally striking is that pie!

  2. Annabelle is beautiful and is your pie-great looking crust!

  3. Wow,
    Apple pie and milk
    All looks good, Annabelle is very lovely and I love her coloring.

  4. I enjoyed seeing your cows and am glad you are getting some calves.

    Your apple pie is beautiful! Have fun with your sister!

  5. I meant to mention earlier - I hope Bette and Marlene help keep the predators at bay now that calving is starting. How are those ladies doing?

  6. Congrats on the herd and impending calves!
    That pie is downright gorgeous!

  7. you have some busy days ahead of you with that many calves! I was wondering if you have your pie crust recipe on the blog somewhere, it sure looks good! Leave me a link at GrannyMountain if you have it already posted! Thanks!