Saturday, December 18, 2010

I had a senior moment yesterday when I posted the new picture. I meant to title it the "The Missed Coyote". I was making the bed and DH hollered at me from the living room to take a picture of coyote crossing the field down by the sheds. Well, by the time I got the camera, he was in a little draw and couldn't be seen. I like the picture anyway so used it.

The King Arthur Fruitcake

I don't usually like most fruitcakes, but I thought KA's orange-cranberry-nut one sounded very good and decided to try it. I won't bore you with the details of what all I changed, but suffice it to say I call mine Apple, Cranberry Fruit Cake. I couldn't find the blasted can of orange juice in the freezer and I looked and looked. I think I must have served it over Thanksgiving. By now I had the batter put together and didn't want a 30 minute delay so I substituted frozen apple juice instead. We like it very much.....I will make it again.

The only flaw in King Arthur's directions (and I am not surprised and should have known better) was to just lightly oil the pans.....Maybe if I had used the bundt pan that is non-stick it would have worked better. The cherries stuck to the bottom of the pan and I had a few anxious moments before they came loose. I would definitely oil the pans and then use parchment paper on the bottoms. The sides came out fine. I used two regular bread pans.

I didn't put nuts either......I have family members who don't like nuts in their foods.


Thursday, we went to see the in-laws. I needed to enroll my MIL in a new drug insurance program. If you aren't old enough to qualify for Medicare, you won't appreciate the garbage seniors have to go through each November to review their insurance. There is no problem if you are just going to stay the same, but the drug insurance goes up greatly each year so you need to do the review. My MIL is 92 and uses the computer, but mostly just for emails. She can't navigate through all the internet stuff. FIL is 86 and just getting over pneumonia. They are remarkable people. She handles all their meds (each is taking 6 a day), doctors, and drives them to church and all necessary trips to doctors. I won't get started on geriatric medical care!!!! That could take a while. I hope I am as fit and as sharp as they are in 21 years.

She won't let me help her. I wanted to run the vacuum while there, but she absolutely refused. Her monster sweeper is really too heavy for her. I really lucked out in in-law department those many years ago.


  1. That is the best looking fruit cake I've seen in a long time. My husband and I are both on Medicare and know just what you're saying about the yearly hoopla. We were fortunate and didn't have to change this year.

  2. I love that header picture even without the coyote.

    I'd say you were certainly blessed with a great MIL. Reading about her is inspiring.

    Your fruitcake looks delicious. Is the recipe on KA's website?

    Have a great weekend and a wonderful Christmas.


  3. how could you show that delicious looking fruitcake and not tell me where to get the recipe?!?!?!...:)JP

  4. I LOVE a good fruitcake and yours looks so yummy and pretty to boot! I would like to see a recipe as well!

    Your MIL sounds amazing. We are going to a 90th birthday celebration tomorrow for a friend who is still sharp as a tack-drives, does her own finances, etc. Gives us hope, doesn't it?

    We both kept our exsisting drug insurance. Our local independent pharmacist checked it out for us-gave us a print out of some comparison companies-all in all we felt we were better to keep what we had. We are both lucky not to have to take a lot of meds. Our birthdays are both in February so supplement choices will be coming soon!!

  5. Just found you today...Nice blog, great pictures. (The fruitcake look yummy)