Thursday, December 16, 2010


Very ordinary day. It was slightly warmer than the day before. I think the high was around freezing.

I had some leftover cooked sweet potatoes in the fridge. They were just steamed with no added anything. I decided to make my recipe for Pumpkin Bread but substitute pureed sweet potatoes. (Remember I raised quite a lot in the garden this year and they are stored under the bed in the spare bedroom). I had to microwave one more to get the 2 cups called for. I also got very daring and added l cup of my mincemeat, a cup of coconut and a cup of chopped pecans. You can't really go wrong with any of these bread recipes. It turned out great. I made two regular sized loafs and two mini loafs. One of the minis will be for my elderly neighbor and, naturally we had to sample the other one.

From Food

I splurged the other day at King Arthur's website. They were offering free shipping, so I ordered several bags of different flours. There is only one store nearby (35 minutes) that carries them and the one time I bought whole wheat, it was very old!. I put the bag of white whole wheat in the back porch freezer but will leave the bread and AP in the pantry. I also ordered my favorite SAF yeast that will keep a year once opened in the freezer. I just transfer it to a wide mouth canning jar and label it with the date. It won't last me a year. I also got us a milk jug. I have been putting the milk into 1 /2 gallon canning jars. Try pouring out of one of those! I had milk drips everywhere from DH's pouring (one of is jobs is to set the table and pour the milk). He likes it but I think the handle is too close to the jar. It is Italian and all the label is in Italian. That's a first, usually English is listed also, and sometimes Spanish and French.

It holds a half gallon. I will still store the milk in the parlor fridge in the canning jars and just transfer it when I bring it down to the house.

I cooked the 'Easter' eggs this morning. The huge one was a double yolk. Here is what they looked like out of shell. I can report they were quite tasty.

DH likes his toast fried so that is what he got.

I know I said I didn't trust KA's recipes..............well they enclosed a recipe card for orange-cranberry nut fruit cake that is calling to me...........need to shop for a couple of items first.


  1. The bread looks delicious. Those eggs with the nice high yolks look so pretty. Glad you were able to get some more layers. How do you fix your fried toast? It looks very tasty.

  2. Now that's what I'd call a good down-on-the-farm breakfast. Yum! I'm a sucker for crispy bacon and could practically smell it when I saw the pictures.

    I, too, love sweet potatoes (but not when people goop 'em up with marshmallows and syrup and sugar). Plain roasted with a little butter, salt'n'pepper is my style. I should try growing some this year. Any suggestions as to type for our shorter growing season up here?

  3. OH!...I like my eggs over easy, please and bacon will be fine. I can eat just toasted doesn't have to be fried. PLEASE let me know about that orange cranberry nut fruitcake! I LOVE fruitcake and there' are not many of us out there...:)JP

  4. Everything looks so good.

    And I like your new header on the blog. It looks so peaceful.

    Me too, on the sweet potato. No syrup or marshmallows please! Salt,pepper and butter. Maybe just a slight sprinkle of brown sugar if my sweet tooth asks for it...

  5. Breakfast looks yummy! About what we had this morning only plain toasted bread.

    Now that is my kind of fruit bread-I like lots of 'stuff' in mine. I am a fruitcake lover as well!!

    I made Crockpot Candy today-made 1/2 a batch and used broken pecans instead of peanuts. It is really sweet-I think the salted peanuts would have cut some of the sweetness but pecans is easier for DH to eat and I made it for him-I am not much on homemade candy except I do love a good peanut brittle-nice and crunchy-not hard!

    Love that milk jug-so cute!

  6. I came upon your blog by way of Tom at Seventh Street Cottage. I like the new header too.

    Do you have a simple bread recipe? - no bread machine required - my daughter wants to try bread making.

  7. Piece of Heaven on Earthm, and the eggs ain't bad either! Wish I was there to sit down to breakfast too...