Saturday, December 11, 2010

Preparing the the Cold Front

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Up at 4 AM, 30°.

Just routine housecleaning day.

Errands: Library, pickup up DH's meds at local pharmacy, and local grocery for few items.

Bottled Wednesday's milk. One full pint of heavy cream skimmed.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Up at 3 AM. 33°

Made KA's recipe for English Muffins...........a disastrous flop, edible but ugly.
I had made them before and they turned out super.....finally realized I had used the recipe from my old Farm Journal Bread cookbook! To be honest, I haven't had great luck with King Arthur's recipes....they always require some weird specialty ingredient that you buy from them ................ wonder why.

Saturday December 11, 2010

Up AT 2:30 am (I know, it is just ridiculous!)

It warmed during the night, 49°. The front has arrived now though with 30 mph winds and the temperature is dropping rapidly. It is hovering around 32° .

I made an executive decision to milk today even though I had 3 bottles of milk in the outside refrigerator. I thought it would be much nicer milking in the relative warmth of 49° than single digit temps we are supposed to have for the next few days.

After milking I stored a couple more large flower pots so they wouldn't freeze and break. I also took some plastic off the small hoop house and stored it.

I brought some strawberries and (I think) apricots down to make jams for the grands for Christmas. I will do that tomorrow sometime.

During these last few days I have started a new book that was so big some time back, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I am thoroughly enjoying it. When I told my son, he ranted against the book for some time. He has very strong opinions about most things and especially books. He is a devout follower of Cormac McCarthy and got me reading his books. I agree the man is probably a genius, but after reading 4 of his books, I grew very depressed and refused to read The Road!

We have some interesting discussions! Our daughter wanted to read the Larssen books, but the waiting list at the library was so long, she bought all three of them. She brought them to me over Thanksgiving. She wasn't overly impressed with them, but the mystery genre isn't her thing.

I sent my sis a quart of my 2010 mincemeat; she thought it was very good, maybe better than last year's. She said my BIL even tasted some and said it was good. High praise since he won't eat it unless it's buried in some kind of baking. He won't eat it as pie. She is the real cook so when I get praise from her I really appreciate it.

Stay warm everyone.


  1. I just watched the movie of "The Road". What a horribly depressing movie! I never read the book because I knew what the basic idea was. I get REALLY into books and didn't want to go there so just waited for movie. Much less intense for me that way but it was still horrible.

  2. Hi Glenda, we must be on the same wave length when it comes to sleep-my 'wake-up stat' is out of whack and I really hate that-hate waking in the early hours!

    I read (and watch movies) to entertain and make myself feel upbeat. Too many things happening in real time to make a person depressed, so I try not to let that happen on purpose. Guess I am into 'fluff' at this stage in my life. Grin

    Turning colder rapidly, 20 when I looked last, and really gusty wind. Think I will leave the cabinet doors open under the sinks and maybe leave some water running although DH says not necessary tonight.

    Stay warm-------Bev J.

  3. I hope your weather warms up soon. It was bitterly cold in my town, with blowing snow. It looks to stay cold awhile now.

    I haven't read a nonfiction book for awhile. I spend too much time on the computer. I used to read a lot. My favorites were James Michener books.

    Well, you keep warm, too!

  4. Well I agree with Bev. Too much pain and agony in this world as it is, without having to read about it in a book you've picked for entertainment! I haven't read a fiction book for a long time. I read the Mitford series a few years ago and they were sweet and funny and reminded me so much of my little hometown. It's a series of stories about a minister's life in a small town. I read several of the John Grisham books and they were interesting but a little too graphic sometimes.

    I'm up early most mornings, too. This morning I got up at 4:30 because the heat pump was running and running and running. I started worrying that maybe the front door had fallen open or something. But everything was ok, just colder than a well-digger's big toe out there. I've been getting up early since the time change. I just can't get adjusted.

    Every now and then I think I should start reading in the evening instead of watching some of the stuff Hubs watches on TV. But I have no clue where to start.

  5. I'll vote along with others that I read fiction for entertainment, diversion or distraction. I love 'cozy' mysteries with interesting characters with little violence on the page (in fact, I'm writing one myself). I'll not pick up anything that will bring me down if I can help it. For non-fiction I like science books or the occasional biography.

    Raining here this morning. Snow this afternoon, then going to plummet tomorrow and the blizzard will hit. Oh boy...not! Keep warm, keep safe. Glad you got in some more milk.

  6. Glenda, I never know if your waking habits are farm work or sleep disorder. If they are the latter, you might look in the vitamin section for melatonin. It occurs naturally in us if we are younger but about middle age wanes and if you take one or even half of one it will get your body back in sync. My dr. told me about it.
    Stay warm and be sure and put rocks in your pockets if you have to venture out!!

  7. Hello Glenda,

    Very cold here this morning, +6*. It was so bitter yesterday, 19* but a 35+ mph wind, so it was like -10 windchill and the cold just went through you.
    I am reading my garden catalogs, and working on plans for raised beds and vertical growing space in my tiny garden. I know, I am a spoiler, but when I can't get outside, I go buggy sometimes.
    I am also working on putting in some sort of mushroom bed/space for these. I grew some last year and some did great, some didn't, a lot to learn about these wonderful, funny fungi.
    Have a great week Glenda.

  8. I agree with everyone else about light and cozy reading. I hate stuff that's depressing. Speaking of which...I haven't dug out my holiday fiction--I should probably be doing that :-)

    Stay inside where it's warm and snuggly. If you're anything like me you've a desire to hole up in your kitchen with something yummy and sweet in the oven...just no more KA recipes--they obviously suck.

  9. Glenda, how in the world could you say your sister is the "real" cook? After what you do? You underestimate yourself, woman!...:)JP