Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rambling Thoughts

It was 26° this morning at 4 AM.

As usual, I have put off making cookies and candies until I am starting to feel panic! I kept thinking it was too soon. I should have just made them early and frozen them like Joyce does.

I sat here this morning trying to get my thoughts in order and thinking about what I needed to be doing this winter and early spring.
These are in no particular order.

1. Dormant oil spray the orchard
1a. Check about using a spray to help with fire blight. May have lost some trees due to this dread disease.
2. Check supply of seeds and see what I need to order and do it asap.
3. Decide if I want to buy the Nutrimill. I have all that dent corn I harvested for cornmeal and I have a source for wheat berries about an hour away.
4. Order new strawberry plants. I killed mine last year
5. Make a new batch of goat's milk soap with oatmeal or cornmeal
I think I need to order Lavender EO.
6. "Encourage" the helpmeet to remove the gate to the porch and get it fixed!
7. Repair the bathroom light fixture (I dread doing it).
8. Check older fruit trees for damage and prune off broken limbs.

I vow to print a chart of the necessary orchard sprays and do them religiously
this year. My new trees will not do much since I just planted them last year.

Clean off all gardens....huge job.

I feel better already. I am an accountant at heart.....I like things
listed and checked off when done! I also categorize each expenditure and can do instantaneous reports with Quicken. Call me crazy but I like it.

I did some baking yesterday. I made the traditional spritz cookies and a batch of pecan tassies. I can't decide what else I will make, maybe Russian tea cakes and thumbprint cookies.
From Food

It actually warmed up during the night. I think our weeks is predicted to be much warmer.


  1. Glenda, on your Spritz you sprinkle the sugar on before you bake or when you take them out of the oven? Yours look prettier than mine!!!...:)JP

  2. I, too, am a lover of lists and progress reports (having been a computer analyst for decades). Listing keeps me focused and reports keep me motivated.

    The cookies look yummy. Tassies! *drool* Too bad I can't join you for a pot of coffee, munch some cookies and compare projects.

  3. Glenda, we could be sisters! I woke up at 4 AM today, wide awake thinking of all the things I need to get done before Christmas. I haven't made out my menus yet, i.e. I can't make my grocery lists! After I get everything down on paper I will feel better and then the huge job gets done. The Spritz cookies and Tassies are my favorites so will be doing them for sure. I'm going to buy a box of chocolates this year and just not try to make my own. They will get eaten and no one will complain! Glad the weather is going to cooperate this year (fingers crossed)safe travel for our neck of the woods. Still some last minute shopping, mostly stocking stuffers. Also want to fill up the Santa Box with old fashioned toys like paddle ball, slinky and slide puzzles for the littlest GRANDson to play with while he's here. Merry Christmas to my favorite Ozark blogger!

  4. Everything looks so good Glenda, I'm jealous.
    I hate to ask this but: If you get around to doing your goat milk soap, by some chance could you share your recipe and steps how you make your soap? I would like to try to make soap, particularly the goatmilk, oatmeal soap as I buy mine from a Nebraska company, but was informed that their prices will be going to over $12 a bar for a small bar of soap and I cannot afford that at all, so I would like to try it. But I am afraid of the lye. My grandmother made soap, but she wouldn't let me watch her process it.
    Have a great coming Holiday week, Glenda, don't do too much.

  5. Hi Glenda ~ Last night I kept thinking/dreaming about finishing DH's bday present today, as tomorrow is the day. I am glad to say that it is finished, even though I had some trepidation and was nervously sweating my way through the last bit.

    Tomorrow I'll be making the bday dessert and then a special dinner.

    I am thinking about making some cookies Tues and Wed. we'll see if that happens. Your cookies look great.

    Have a lovely Christmas and a great new year.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady