Thursday, December 2, 2010

Homemade Pizza

Ilene's blog got me thinking about homemade pizza so I hope this won't be considered copycat if I post my recipe and technique. It is fresh on my mind because I made it for our daughter's family for their lunch before they left Saturday. I have to make it at least once for both kids when they visit. Sometimes I make it in two regular pizza pans and sometimes I make it on my cookie sheet pan that has a small lip.

This crust recipe is from Farm Journal's Homemade Breads cookbook (1985)

I use the food processor

l pkg yeast
1 tsp sugar
1 cup warm water
1 tsp salt
3 to 3-1/4 cups A/P flour
2 tblsp. oil (I use Olive Oil)

In small bowl, sprinkle yeast and sugar over the warm water; stir until dissolved.
Place salt and 3 cups flour into food processor (can use part whole wheat flour)
with the metal blade. Whir to mix salt.

While processor is running, pour yeast mixture through feed tube. Process until soft dough forms that leaves the side of the bowl. About 45 seconds is all.
Add oil, process l more minute. If dough sticks to side of bowl add more flour l tblsp at a time, processing 10 seconds after each.

Now just leave lid on and cover top of feed tube. I sometimes let this raise a few hours. Make in the morning,use at night or noon....or just 30 minutes. Whatever works for you.

Punch down. Toss out on lightly floured board, cover and let rest 5 minutes.
If making in pizza pan, divide in half.
Roll out using your favorite method. My favorite for a crisp crust is to use the oven stone which has been preheated at 500°. Sprinkle pizza peel with cornmeal (to act as ball bearings for sliding the crust off onto the stone.

Roll out crust on lightly floured surface; transfer to either the peel or directly into well greased pans.Make up pizza on peel or pans and then slide onto stone or set pans on lowest rack and bake about 15 minutes or until done to suit you.

My favorite pizza sauce is very simple,not much spices at all.

1 chopped onion
1 quart tomatoes
1 small can tomato sauce or some paste (just to give depth of flavor and color
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar.
1 tsp basil, some garlic powder and whatever tastes good to you.

Cook all in saucepan until very reduced, not too runny. Tip: add basil at the very last to retain flavor.

I spread some Parmesan cheese on crust, then sauce and then toppings and lastly the shredded mozzarella cheese.


  1. That looks yummy. Your crust recipe is pretty close to the one I make and I just do mine in the bread machine, dough mode. It's right around 9 and we've already had breakfast, but this is making me hungry.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  2. We, who read each others blogs must be on the same wave length, I have had pizza on my mind for most of the week, even after turkey. :*)
    I will try your recipe, I was going to bother FlowerLady for her
    Have a great week Glenda

  3. I haven't made pizza for a long time, and have never made any kind of dough in a food processor. I don't make good use of its features.

    I enjoyed reading how you make yours. I like the description of the corn meal being like ball bearings. Your pizza looks scrumptious!

  4. And if I show up on your doorstep, can we have that? I'm drooling!!!...:) JP

  5. Did I post a pizza recipe? I don't remember.... But if I did, I'm never territorial! Heh

    We've been buying pizza from Simple Simon's on "Pizza Wednesday". We can get a large combination pizza for $6 without a coupon. It might be cheaper to buy this than to make it. I really like Simple Simon's thin cracker crust, can't seem to duplicate it at home. Of course you know Hubs prefers "store bought" over "home made". And it's really funny, because if I made my pizza that spicy, I'm sure he would make sure I saw him hitting the Tums! LOL I think they use hot pepper flakes in their sausage.

    Great post, you always make me want to show up at your door. I can imagine you in your apron, with good smells wafting from the kitchen....

    Hugs, Ilene