Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We went through 4 gallons of milk over Thanksgiving....I had anticipated that knowing my family. I had milked three times close together so I had the milk on hand and didn't have to go to the barn (that was DH's chore) while company was here.
I milked yesterday morning. The weather wasn't bad at all except it was drizzly and windy.

Today is supposed to much colder .

I cooked a large pot of pinto beans yesterday and tossed in a cupful of leftover ham bits. I like beans just cooked with butter, but DH wanted the ham. I still have the ham bone and fatty pieces in the freezer. I will save them for a pot of white beans.
We had cornbread and that was it. One of our favorite meals.

Our oldest granddaughter (16) loves photography so when she is here, I let her take my camera and use it to her heart's content. She took 238 pictures. Thank God for digital technology. She took a series of my 'cat whisperer' which I think is so typical of him. He does love his cats, all 8 of them!


  1. Omigosh. 4 gallons of milk? Good thing you had it all on hand!

    I love a good pot of beans, too, especially the big, fat butter beans. I always have a couple of little ham-hocks in the freezer to cook them up with.

    Love the pic of the 'cat whisperer' - and the bright sunshine. Pouring down rain here. When this front passes through the daily temps will sink and won't go above mid-30s for the next week. I hate ice...

  2. How cool you have a 'cat whisperer'.

    I'm thinking of cooking a pot of beans in the crockpot today.

    I better get a move on.

    Wishing you a wonderful day today whatever you do.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Well I guess we all must be on the same wavelength. I cooked beans and porkroast bone in the crockpot yesterday. I'll heat them up today and we'll have corn muffins and fried potatoes.

    Great picture of Cat Whisperer. I'm getting quite attached to SamIAm. She is such a sweet girl and is so grateful for being plucked out of her previous life. I love cats because when they give you their heart, they mean it. Dogs seem to switch their alliances depending on who has food.

    Hugs, Ilene

  4. I told my husband last night I bet a lot of people were having beans and cornbread last night! Glenda, when we first married in 1970 my budget for the whole week was $10! I used to shop at Safeway and I'd stand at the meat counter and look at that package of ham and it would be $1.03 and I'd pass it up. Good training for a lifetime of penny pinching! Can you imagine trying to find a package of meat for that price now?

  5. Great pictures of the cat whisperer. Beautiful cat, and happy.
    I'm going to be the spoiler here, I did beans about 2 weeks ago with ham, BUT I do have 3 servings left in the freezer...does that count?
    Wish I was closer for some fresh milk, Glenda.
    Have a great week, oh, and Glenda, the marmalade DID set! yippee, I did it.

  6. A cat whisperer? My daughter could use one...she just captured a little stray...brings him to the vet tomorrow...:)JP

  7. That's a great pic, Glenda -- two handsome companions! Joyce reminded me of our first winter here on the farm. No cattle or sheep yet, and not much country living sense either -- in fact the guys at the co-op used to call us "green acres!" That year we only ate meat once or twice a week. I'd wait till round steak was on sale at Safeway for .89 a pound and do it with gravy in the crockpot. LOTS of beans, rice and cornbread in between! SO glad to have a quarter-century of experience under our belts now, and good friends like you and yours to share the lifestyle and mindset with.

  8. We had chili and cornbread-does that count? It did have beans in it!!

    Today is my weigh in and our Christmas dinner. Four of us get together once a month, weigh, then go out to eat-healthy. When I weighed at home this morning I didn't much care for the numbers-have to work on that. Thinking about doing Weight Watchers but it seems expensive to me-I always think what I could do with that money if I was just more disciplined!

    Have a great day!

  9. You can see the mutual affection in that photo. I was disappointed you only posted one of the series.

    I'm glad you had enough milk for Thanksgiving. It sounds like you had a great holiday with your family.

    Bev, I joined Weight Watchers with my daughter a few years ago. I lost 60 pounds, and then gained about 20 back after I stopped going, and quit keeping track of my points. For the last year or so, the weight just goes up and down within the 5 pound range, so I am doing fine. I had lost more than they wanted me to, anyway. It was a big help to me, and worth the money because I ate less, and got healthier. My daughter ended up quitting, losing on her own, then gaining it back when she was in a bad relationship.