Sunday, November 7, 2010

Journal Friday through Saturday

Friday, ll/5/10

Cool day; high of 55°

Zelda has begun watching through the kitchen window....I moved the chair on the porch. She is actually begging for food.
From Cats and dog

I tried to replicate my mincemeat from last year. I changed some things that I didn't have like oranges, but did have candied orange peel from last year and added some frozen concentrate orange juice in stead. I cooked it down in the maslin pan for one hour and will now let it ripen a while before canning or freezing.
I guessed at the amount of sugar and cider to add because I think I have more apples than last year.

It has passed the taste test for me.
From Preserving

I tried the turnip greens....they didn't pass the taste test for either of us! Maybe they were too old? I hope the chickens enjoyed them.

I don't like chard or mustard greens either.

I thought about what I grew up eating at home and at Grandma's. All I remember is mixed wild greens at Grandma's and Mom's which we both love. I like just poke and really like just lambs quarter. I think it is milder than spinach.


It is very cold today, 25°.

Today's plans:

Milk, bottle last milking. Skim cream and make butter.:Note: Didn't make butter.
Milking was a small disaster. I think Willow was in heat. I failed to place my pail into the top of a 5 gallon bucket....ergo she stepped into it and I lost almost three gallons....such is life. I will milk again Sunday morning.

Clean out freezer drawer on refrigerator . Note: Still haven't done this

Hopefully do some fence repair. Note:DH says he will do this alone....

Put on a pot of beans. I cooked white beans this time and served them over hot biscuits like Grandma used to do. She never bought 'store' bread in her life...but I don't' remember her ever making yeast bread either. I think they ate biscuits 3 times a day.

We set all the clocks back last night but still got up at 2:30 AM. It takes us a while to adjust. We just wish they would leave it alone.


  1. That mincemeat looks delicious. My mom never used a recipe for her mincemeat, just used what she had on hand and there were never leftovers of her mincmeat pies. I need to find a good recipe as I don't like the boughten mincemeat.

    We grew up eating biscuits or cornbread at every meal. Mom never baked bread and we never bought bread at the store. Mom was born in 1901 and was raised eating biscuits or cornbread at each meal.

  2. Mincemeat was a staple pie at Grandma's in the winter. She also made a lot of raisin pies, my Grandpa's favorite. The beans over biscuits is new to me and I grew up in the Ozarks! To each his own, but I'm with you on the turnip greens...we got some of our outside Christmas decorations put up today since the next two weekends look cold and rainy. Hope the neighbors won't think we are nuts! Old people have to do this when the weather is nice...

  3. I know your post was about mincemeat, but I'm admiring Zelda! What a great kitty...:)JP

  4. Been a long time since I ate homemade mincemeat. Seems I remember it having maybe meat in it-beef or pork? Ok, but I prefer raisin-especially raisin cream. No one in the family likes it so never make it. I try to have a piece when I find it at a cafe or a funeral dinner. Too sweet for me to have on a regular basis being diabetic.