Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I may not get back tomorrow so I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

From November 2010

I saw the bud on this a week ago and thought it would never make it, but it did. I picked it yesterday before the heavy rains. It suffered some wind damage.

My dinner will be on Friday at noon. I have been getting some things done ahead of time. Today I am making the rolls and later will bake an apple pie and maybe a cherry.

I miss a second oven when I am doing all this different baking. Some just can't be made ahead, like cream pie. I really don't like to do any pies in advance but this time, just had to.

I have milked a couple of times so I would have cream and have accumulated a quart which should be enough.

Right in the midst of this activity, DH decided he was going to sell calves today...tried to get him to no avail.

So this morning out in the drizzle to help load and off to the sale barn. We don't stay for the sale so it doesn't take much time. I pulled out another very large heifer to keep; he was expecting that. When we got back, we ran her through the chute again so I could ear tag her and she is now out with the other heifers and the bull. The farm doesn't stop for anyone.........

We got a really nice rain overnight and this morning. Very thankful for that.


  1. That purple Iris is stunning. I have a bed of Iris but the blooms this year didn't compare with that one.

    I only have one oven so when I cook a large meal I use a countertop toaster oven for some of the baking.

    Having been raised on a farm, I know how busy it is. There are no days off for farmers.

  2. What a beautiful iris and how wonderful that it opened for you at Thanksgiving.

    I had a double oven at one time, and miss it too. It was great when you had to do a lot of baking at the same time.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. My gosh, so late in the year for an iris bloom? How lovely. Glad you got another nice heifer for the herd. Honestly this post is just about the most quintessential farm post: baking, cream, cows, flowers, and good soaking rain. Thanks for sharing it with us. Enjoy all that good home cooking tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving! *hugs*

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and what a pretty Thanksgiving iris!!

    We are having out dinner tomorrow. Cut a ham off the bone, cooked a turkey and sliced it-will heat these on low tomorrrow-saved turkey broth for gravy and dressing. Made my bran rolls and pre-baked-will finish off tomorrow. Made cranberry salad, cornbread dressing partially done, made a pumpkin pie and strawberry cheesecake, made a pie crust for chocolate pie I will make in the morning. In the morning I will also do the mashed potatoes, carrots, dressing. Made some spiced apple juice I will reheat in the crockpot. My sister and family will be here along with our two daughters. After talking to my sister and what she is bringing (and my nieces), I wonder where we will put all the food. We say we are going to cut back every year-saying that about Christmas now. My husband's brother came home from the nursing home today so will share food with them tomorrow. Thankful for it all.

  5. Amazing that iris made it through several cold nights, of course they do in the spring too. Gorgeous color! I made as much as I could ahead, my pecan pie and cheesecake today so that won't be interferring with my turkey cooking tomorrow. We plan on going to the nursing home at lunchtime and then we'll have our dinner around 4. The bed will sure feel good tomorrow night! Have a Happy Thanksgiving...

  6. Sometimes Joe decides to do something at the darnedest times too! I may have to make more Shortbread cookies...they are addicting...:)JP

  7. Enjoy your Friday feast! I imagine your kitchen smells GREAT right about now. :-D