Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday Journal

Nothing special day. Very cool outside all day.

I think I had my first successful total milking without contending with the calf on the other side. At least Willow let her milk down and I almost filled the milk bucket. The real test will be skimming the cream.

I had a day off...did minimal housework. Cooked a fried chicken dinner for us and read.

I love the Civil War period both historical and fictional accounts. I have taped all of Ken Burns Civil War. We never missed a single one.
I am currently reading Jacob's Ladder by Donald McCaig. It is an award winning Civil War novel and may be the best one I have ever read. It was written in 1998. I found it through the internet. It is about Virginia and some of her plantation people during the war. It is just a great read.

This morning I have a follow-up appointment with the rheumatologist which I hope is my last. I am still doing great and hope to be off the very small dose of steroids asap.

I hope to get the poly coat on the bathroom floor this afternoon.

Just a last comment on cooking shows. I watched Cooks Country TV show yesterday and had to just laugh. It was about how to make fluffy mashed potatoes.
First peel and rinse, then dice into l inch pieces; rinse. Cover with water and cook 15 minutes; drain rinse; refill and cook 15 more or until done. Run through ricer.. season. Voila mashed potatoes.

I don't think I will be following that silly routine on for Thanksgiving dinner!

I leave you with yet another use for Duck Tape:

From Upright Freezer


  1. Good Morning Glenda, we had a "trial run" yesterday with chicken and dressing, but no pumpkin pie! I had cornbread left over so I did what any Southern woman does, make dressing! I am going to guess your freezer is so full you have to duct tape it shut???

  2. Love the duct tape pic!

    We had roast beef with potatoes, carrots, onions and a few turnips (for me) cooked together. I always add a can of stewed tomatoes over the top, then cook on low temp. Had biscuits, pear honey and an apple crisp. SIL brought us the pear honey-ok- but not something I would make-I like 'tartish' jellies and jams. Had enough leftovers for supper and DH for lunch today!

    Our dog and the coyotes had a howling session
    until around 2:30 a.m. then around 5:30 an ambulance went through-so I may have to have a nap later on!!

    Have a good day.

  3. That's the ol' fight, Glenda, just tape it. Works for me. lol
    I fixed chicken n taters the other night, and have been munching on left-overs. Baked 2 pumpkin pies Sat afternoon to freeze for Thanksgiving, so I wouldn't have so much cooking except for the star of the dinner.
    Still on the kitchen cabinets, and just doing a through cleaning and tossing out of things I don't need at all. I just close my eyes.
    Take care, Glenda, have a great week.

  4. Not only do I use lots of duct tape around here, but I buy rolls of different colors! I used to have trouble backing straight into the garage at night until I put down a line of yellow duct tape on the floor. When I put stuff in the freezer I use a slap of colored tape to write on the date. But even without reading the date, I would know from the color if the food was this year or last. I've also used duct tape to patch splits is tall trash cans that I use as rainbarrels. They don't leak now.

    And since everyone's posting their Sunday dinner, I'll list mine. My mom's and my b'day's are only a week apart so yesterday I (yes ME!) roasted a whole chicken, mashed homegrown 'taters w/gravy, pan roasted Brussels sprouts, and homebaked flatbread and butter. For dessert we had store bought carrot cake w/candles. YUM :-D

  5. Glenda, love the duct tape the best!...:)JP

  6. Well, I can't compete with all that. Yesterday I didn't feel like cooking but I had made some potato rolls in the shape of hamburger buns. So Hubs grilled hamburger patties and we had them on the potato rolls. We had fresh-picked lettuce, and Candy onion slices from last spring's garden, though, and he got the only red tomato we were able to get out of the fall garden. It was so small, I don't know if he was able to taste it.

    Duct tape on the freezer? Do you have to put a new piece on every time you open the freezer?

    Yeah, I think those cooking shows are a hoot, too. I saw one where they were making french fries "a new way". They put the cut up potatoes in cold oil and brought the oil to boiling. They said it was important not to touch the fries until they started to brown around the edges, and then you could turn them. Maybe this works, I don't know. But the kicker was that it would ONLY work with Yukon Gold. (snort!)

  7. LOL, Glenda, my freezer has a bungee cord on it! :)

  8. Oh, Glenda, I can't stop laughing out loud about "that silly routine". I don't think I'll be following that, either.

    I like Kris's idea to buy different colored duct tape. I've been writing dates on a piece of paper, and taping them on with regular adhesive tape. I was surprised most were still sticking after getting the liquefied tomatoes spilled all over them, and then, getting washed off with water. I'll have to try colored duct tape. Thanks, Kris!