Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Milking without Sharing -Reorganized upright Freezer

Journal Monday and Tuesday, November 15 and 16

We are having cool and overcast days with some mist; no appreciable rain.

The doctor's appointment went well and I am dismissed! Have to continue with the prednisone until February 15, but at another reduced rate. I am taking the smallest amount possible. He said he hopes, in the nicest way, to never see me again and told him likewise. He is my kind of doctor!


I see Suzanne is still having troubles with her baby calf and milk cow.

I can report success once I separated the calves. I am fortunate that there was a pen right in front of Willow's feed bunk. I rigged a gate across it so she can see the babies. At first she is reluctant to let down her milk, but I persevere.
I have had two milkings (mornings only) where I almost filled he bucket and got a full pint of heavy cream from each. She might be holding up a little on the cream but that is enough for me to make butter so that is OK.

The last time I didn't even let the calves out to strip her. Her teats are getting a little chapped so I slathered udder balm on after I finished milking and didn't want those rascals slurping it off.

They are very good about heading into the pen....there is grain in there for them.
From Milking

and after the milking Willow is visiting with them over the makeshift gate (door on its side)
From Milking

I will have a quart of cream to make butter with this morning.


I have put the second coat of poly on the bathroom floor. That is what was needed; it is now very slick feeling and after several days I will be able to put a rug down.

I had a senior moment (well, several moments actually).

I had a throw rug in there before I started painting. Yesterday I thought I would find it to be ready to put it back. Looked high and rug. Began looking this morning again; no rug. Walked into the kitchen and voila!
I had put it under the chair in the kitchen...
From Interior house

It was suggested I show my 'reorganized' ancient upright freezer and share how I find things. Maybe if I commit this to the internet it will make be stick with the organization method. I haven't before!

From Upright Freezer
and the bottom area:
From Upright Freezer

You note I keep loose items in a plastic bag so they won't slide into the floor each time I open (untape) the door.

The top shelf is for cooked foods. Now properly labeled and I am happy to report I have used several items recently.

Second is strictly for breads, baked goods and ingredients for making breads.
The third shelf:
From Upright Freezer
Meats on the right, middle is various fruits and veggies are in plastic bag.

The bottom wired area is for vegetables. See the strange pale green stuff? It looks like shredded or ground cabbage. I will be thawing that this week for soup.


  1. I wondered if you had been in touch with Suzanne, she's having a time with Glory Bee. I can imagine me trying to corral a cow AND a calf...that would be funny. I envy your system. My freezer is a chest style and I have to take everything out everytime to find what I want! I use walmart bags too, for beef, pork, veges, breads, leftovers. Glad you got a good report at the doctor. I have hyperextended my right knee and just keep hurting it once it gets a little better. It's just patch, patch, patch! Yesterday I reached too far loading groceries and crinked it again. I need to set down today and finalize my menu for Thanksgiving. I like to try new recipes and lots of old ones too, everyone's favorites! Wish I had some of that freshly churned butter to put on my table!

  2. Ah...that freezer looks ship shape, Glenda. Should make access a lot easier now, yes?

    Glad you've gotten the cows sorted out and that you're getting all the milk and cream you need these days. (BTW - there is no addy loaded to your "Suzanne" link.)

    1" of rain yesterday, now high winds 30+. Glad I got the gutters cleaned! Have a good day! *hugs*

  3. Hi Glenda,
    I'm glad to hear you are on the mend. I enjoyed reading about your cows. I love the photo of the mom and the youngsters.

    Your freezer looks nice and organized. I was recently forced to clean out my side by side freezer when the bag of tomatoes I had just blended up burst and spilled all over everything when I was trying to adjust the position of the bag. I called my husband up from the basement, and he cleaned the inside while I cleaned up the containers. I did do some organizing while putting things back. I'm hoping that lasts, too.

  4. Oh, and I had to laugh about your senior moment. That sounds like something I would do.

  5. Ah, friend, I would have your freezer all organized in the blink of an eye!...:)JP