Friday, November 5, 2010

I don't think we got as cold as predicted. Last check it was 30° here.

I think I have skipped a couple of days of journaling.

Wednesday, November 3.

Several years ago we went to a very small candy shop way out in the country in the middle of nowhere. I was amazed they could keep it going...well going it is.

My first visit is what prompted me to learn to make truffles, the easiest candy in the world to make. Now mine were not made with gourmet chocolate unless you count
Ghiradelli and maybe weren't quite was delicious as theirs (they certainly weren't as beautiful) but they tasted darned good.
I get a card from them each year about their Open House. They have expanded the gift shop area, more candies, etc. I wanted to go. It was a beautiful day so we enjoyed that, but the shop is a little upscale and high priced for my taste. I did find a purse that I really liked at a reasonable price so I bought it.
From November 2010
Coming back we drove through Amish country and I got this gentleman crossing the intersection in front of us.
From November 2010
I think it was Diggins, Missouri. Just down the road we spotted two more parked at a hardware and a Dollar Store.

Yesterday started out as normal with our daily chores but took a turn for the worse.
We had a heifer in trouble calving. We got her up in the working area (remember the blue chute?) and the vet came and pulled a very dead bull calf. The heifer seems no worse for wear and was given a dose of antibiotics to keep down infection. I will be glad when the rest of these girls calve and we can quit worrying. This is all part of farming. I used to come unglued when bad things happened. I still don't like it but accept it more easily now.

The bull jumped back in with my cow again....have to watch that little group and see what caught his interest. I have my cow and her old-enough-to-breed daughter in the paddock along with another much younger bull.

We were exhausted after that so took it easy the rest of the day.

I finished Jonathon Kellerman's 'Flesh and Blood' which was so so and DH was reading another Robert Crais book.

I hope we get something more accomplished today.

I have a pork roast in the crock pot and think I will make a Roly Poly for dessert.


  1. You had a very busy day.
    Yep, have done some of that vet work. Have worked for several vets when I was a little younger and more physically able to do so. Had to help one time to pull a calf through the side instead of back. I learned quite a bit, not being a farm kid.
    Also got to watch a cow get a "window" put in it.
    Take care, and have a great weekend.
    It got to 13* last night, and I heard of rain/snow mix next week around Tue or Wed.

  2. Glad that the cow came through the stillborn delivery OK. It would have been a real shame to lose them both.

    I'll bet your chocolate truffles are wonderful. I happen to love Ghiradelli chocolate. YUM I can't wait to get all caught up outside so I can enjoy reading again. Take care...

  3. Glenda, was that Rosewood Farm near Hartville you went to? My sister and I went Monday to their open house and they had a purse that looks like that-pretty! They make candy and sell along with other items. I didn't buy much but did a lot of looking!!

  4. Oh, forgot. I get your replies in my Yahoo account.

  5. Oh, boy. Now I have to go google how to make truffles.

    What is a roly poly, by the way?