Thursday, December 30, 2010

Up at 4:15 AM, temperature 51° (warmed up during the night).

DH had his usual oatmeal with my home made granola mixed in with extra fruit (ugggg)
and I had one of my new favorites, breakfast tortilla with scrambled egg, bacon and salsa. I made the tortillas from an ancient mix I found when I cleaned the freezer out and the salsa is my own.

I got a call from Lowes installer late yesterday;can't come today, but will be here tomorrow at 9 AM. Please don't let this be a hint of future troubles....see, I am gun shy about new appliances. He says it should just take a little over an hour.

Plans for today are: Clean house for company coming (daughter and family)
Milk this morning for extra on hand (all family members are great milk drinkers)
Maybe make some soap this afternoon if I can get my act together. I plan to document this for interested readers. I don't really need soap, but my daughter used a bar here that was a gift from a very gifted soap making forum friend that had some texturizer in it and she really liked I will be making goat milk and honey with ground oatmeal.

Next check garage freezer to be sure I have enough chicken for the promised fried chicken dinner and dumplings my daughter requested. Granddaughter has again requested coconut cream pie and an apple pie....I need to get her on a new kick. I did this for Thanksgiving! I already have the crusts in the freezer and will use my frozen apple slices.

Well best laid plans and all coming in this evening so no soap made. I have round steak smothered in cream of mushroom soup simmering away.
chocolate cake made (baked in stove oven)....will do potatoes and peas as sides.

The oven came. Looks quite impressive. I tried a cake using both racks.........was a total disaster. Saved one layer, chickens got the other one.
I guess cakes are a one rack deal..... I will do biscuits in it in the morning. There will be the real test. We had to rearrange the counter far so good.

I put up another bird feeder and they are just now coming to them, but I was too busy to do many pictures. I caught a couple of the White crowned sparrows on the Dining Room porch. The brown topped one is a juvenile, the white a mature bird. I think it takes a year for the color to change.

Rear View,
From Birds dec 16
From Birds dec 16


  1. Glad they got your oven installed. Hope it works out for you.

    Happy New Year.

  2. One more holiday dinner would do me in, I stood in the kitchen cooking something for 5 days straight! Your menus sound delish, esp. the coconut cream pie. We took down the outside decorations today since it was so nice. Anytime it's nice like this in the Ozarks...WATCH OUT! Have a great visit with your kids Glenda.

  3. Glenda, I hope your oven does cakes better than mine does here in the Hollow. I hate my oven here...but I'm stuck wit it. We had to replace the one that was here during our first year! UGGGGH...:)JP

  4. I'm looking forward to that soap whenever you've got the time to make it--it sounds like something Lissy can actually use without breaking may even be gentle enough for the baby.

    Coconut Cream Pie sounds yummy! And I love all the shots of your birds.

    Enjoy your company today. Happy New Year!

  5. I'm starting to see more birds around, but haven't seen them on our feeders yet. Nice photos!