Sunday, January 2, 2011


I thought this was a bright and happy picture to start off the new year on the Blog.

First things first: The new stove was delivered a day late; two snafus on installation: They didn't send the orifices to change over to LP....he made a return trip to Lowes....the contractor who installed the despised Jenn Air has used a very short and small diameter flexible connector....wrong! I had asked them to include a 4-foot long one in case of future maintenance (remember the Jenn Air!)so the fittings were not right for the larger diameter one....luckily he had one on the truck. So the one hour job became a two hour job. I was a nervous wreck but very pleased when all was finished.

Here it is in pristine condition (won't last long in my kitchen).

I have used every feature on the stove and am delighted to report, Denimflyz was right! I love this stove! I am mightily relieved; the Jenn Air had really caused me to doubt new stoves. I am particularly please with the simmer burner. I simmered pizza sauce for two hours to test it out and just had to stir it a couple of times, no sticking to bottom of pan, no scorching; it worked just like it was supposed to.

Next feature I was not sure about was the bottom rack that can be attached to pull half way out when the oven door is fully opened. This worked super for getting the pizza off the stone. I can't count the times I have burned my hands reaching between racks to pull out the heavy, large pizza stone. They detach easily for cleaning the bottom of the oven. Yes, I have already had a spill of pie juice....

I baked a pie in it. Worked well, did the pizza on 500°.

We had pancakes yesterday morning to test the center griddle. I was wary of this because someone online had complained they didn't think their griddle got hot enough....well mine does. My sis had suggested I temper the very heavy cast iron griddle first by coating with lard and cooking on high heat until it smoked. I did so and then had to reduce heat way down to 2 to do the pancakes. They came off easily. I had never used the new rough finish cast but it worked fine. I wonder why they do that. My old skillet is smooth as silk.

The griddle is narrow enough I could have used the other 4 burners if needed.

OK. End of test run. I am very happy with it.

No special cleaners needed for the SS; just hot soapy water, rinse and dry.

There is less exposed black porcelain so don't have to worry about fingerprints so much as JA.

Lowe seems very good to work with. Called during installation to see if I was happy....we will see. I have never bought anything major from them before.

The countertop Hamilton Beach oven has worked as expected. I may miss the toast feature of the smaller oven, but could use the broiler I guess. I have baked a pie crust (the coconut cream pie), and browned the meringue with it....also baked a pan of pie crust roll ups that we really like and am happy to report GD did too.
I used the convection feature for them....worked fine. I have baked a pan of biscuits regular baking. No top or bottom burning. I think it will be a nice second oven since I can't have built-ins. The oven is 18" wide by 14" tall by 15" (counting the handle extension) deep. I put it in the corner because they are so deep I can't reach to the back anyway so I am not loosing much space on the counter. Another feature I like about it is you can see inside without opening a door.

Hamilton Beach CT Oven

Enough about stoves.

We had a good time as always. I even squeezed in a walk down the road west yesterday afternoon with our granddaughter.
From January 2011
That is the house way down the road on the left.
From January 2011
There is a little creek that runs under the road about midway down to the pond. It still has water which surprised me.

I love this old
gnarled cedar stump that stands at the edge of the deeper pool.

We walked past the heifer field and they all came running to the fence to check us out. It always scares our GD who is a 'city' girl. Photobucket(notice the very pregnant girl second from the right hand side)

They left around 4 pm after I loaded them down with all the leftovers they would take. We used additional frozen meat in the bottom of the chest for a cooler. I made her take more. She always shorts herself when we butcher because she has such a small freezer.

I did manage to clean up the kitchen so I could enjoy my coffee the next morning.

Now life will return to normal...................


  1. OH, your new stove and counter oven look great. I'm glad that the install went smoothly and to your satisfaction in the end. What a nice looking piece of equipment and hope it lasts you a good long time. Happy cooking.... :-D

  2. Looks wonderful in your kitchen, Glenda. Your right, it doesn't stay clean very long though, especially if you cook a lot.
    I did homemade deep dish pizza last night, I love the grate that slides out with the door, no burn, and for me with my fused spine, I can bend enough to get things out of the oven without burning my fore arms. The pizza turned out wonderful, did it in a 8 inch cast iron pan, on 500* for 20 minutes.
    This was my first major appliance purchase also. I have never in my life was able to buy a new appliance, so I was nervous about stoves, it took me several years of looking to find the right stove. I just hope that I don't turn into a liar, hopefully the stove will live up to years of use and not be a flop.
    Love the Cardinal, what a shot of winter color.
    Have a great week.

  3. I'm so glad the install is finished and that you're happy with the stove. It's beautiful. I like your countertop oven also. It sounds like you're all set now to do all kinds of cooking.

  4. P.S. I envy you your crystal clear camera pics. What kind do you use, Glenda?

  5. I enjoyed reading about your testing out the features on your new stove and counter top oven, and seeing your outdoor photos as well.

    Can you post a photo of the griddle pan, or tell me what it is? We have a fish burner in the middle of our stove, but when I use it with the pan I have, I can't use the other burners. I think it's too big anyway, because it doesn't heat evenly.

    Happy New Year!

  6. I am SOOOOOO envious of that new stove. It looks like one I would love but can't have. Thanks for the dimensions of the countertop. It would fit in my space when I'm ready to purchase! So, the pregnant one...when is she due?..:)JP

  7. Wow!! I love that stove!! The mess is always terrible, but when it's all finished getting installed, you just gotta smile and have that cup of coffee....mission accomplished.
    It looks cold over there....but also looks like a nice quiet walk without a million people running around all over....that's great. Happy New Year!!

  8. Happy New Year Glenda and congrats on your two new appliances. They both look wonderful to me. I can feel your happiness with them through blogsville.

    My goodness, that cow certainly is pregnant. She looks like she's due any day now.

    Your countryside looks so nice and peaceful. I'm sure that walk was a delight.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  9. I'm jealous and wanting that new stove for my own! Will have to wait awhile since mine is only 5 years old. I miss having two ovens, they sure are handy with company or if you do alot of baking. I guess that would be me! First snow or ice is prob. when the calves will decide to be born...doesn't it work like that?!! We got all the Christmas put away and today is a do nothing day. It's back to a normal week tomorrow since Hubby goes back to work. Sure has been nice having him home!