Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tour of West Calf Lots -

We are really enjoying our normal weather....they tell us we are way behind on moisture which worries me, but the temperature is good. 28° this morning at 4:30 AM.

The buns yesterday turned out great but my shaping of them leaves a little to be desired....hamburger buns rose to high, hot dog buns were too close together on pan so attached themselves to each other. The taste was super. We had a bacon cheeseburger for lunch. I even had chips which I rarely buy.
I now have lots of buns in the freezer.

I took a walk yesterday down to the west property line where a pond is. I call these two lots the calf lots. The first one next to the house is where I normally run my milk cow, Willow, her last year's calf and whatever other calf needs to be there (usually a heifer I have decided to keep and don't want exposed to the bull just yet).

Biscuit always goes with me. We both need the exercise. This is the gate from the yard into the first lot (3.5 acres) the building is the old chicken house which is now filled with old wood stoves, gardening stuff, chicken feed and 'stuff'.

We are looking to the second lot where the pond and loafing shed is. This the dividing fence. One thing this farm has is lots of various lots, paddocks (never heard that term until Missouri went crazy over New Zealands's intensive grazing technique), and fields.
Inside the field which is also about 3.5 acres, to the left if the pond and to the right or north is the shed and the other field where the heifers and bulls are now....beginning to see us.

If you have ever had livestock you know that they pick a path to the water source and use it over and over until it look like this:

I was surprised the pond is completely frozen over. I guess I shouldn't have been with our near zero temperatures.

The have definitely spotted us and are getting interested.

So,we will be heading back to the compound. I never feel completely secure in a field with bulls and there are three in here. They have never been aggressive but ....
This is the west side of the compound:

This is an old farm and has numerous buildings that are all clustered together. We have seen this style over and over on old farms in the area.

These are the loafing sheds that are in the back of the barn lot near the house. The bull pen is just the other side of the barbed wire.

This is looking a little to the right of the previous picture. By now you are familiar with the old silo and old barn.

By now I/we just take a right behind the chicken house to the gate into the yard.

This is an old farm and isn't spiffy with new Morton buildings like I am seeing everywhere these days, but it has felt like home to me from the first night we spent here back in December of 1991. I love living here and so does DH.


  1. Those buildings are the farm buildings that remind me of my younger days. The newer style buildings just look like commercial buildings to me.

  2. Glenda, thanks so much for the tour. You have so much property to manage. The buns sound great!!!...:)JP

  3. Glenda, you have a beautiful farm and everything you need right there, what a blessing to have plenty. Having all those outbuildings is a big plus. We would love to have a little barn even though we don't have livestock...just for junk! It's my husband's "dream!" How about sharing that recipe for the buns, they sound delicious!

  4. That was a right good walkabout you did there. I didn't realize you had so many outbuildings. You've got enough land there your eyes can stretch. I do have a question. What is a 'loafing' shed? I envision folks loafing around, maybe eating fresh loafs of bread. ;-)

  5. I enjoyed your tour of the property. Those are nice views to get to enjoy everyday. I love the country.

  6. Thanks for the tour. You sure have lots of places to explore. I would have loved to visit when I was a kid. Have I told you my dad had two uncles who farmed together in Iowa, and when we visited, I used to sing to the cows? I also remember being taken along to gather eggs, and being afraid of the chickens.

    I'm glad Kris asked what a loafing shed was, because I wasn't sure, either. LOL, Kris.