Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Griddle, Milking, New Super Market

4:45AM, 35°.

I am using the new griddle so much I have decided to leave it in place and store the grate. This morning I used it to scramble two eggs, heat my tortillas and had a favorite breakfast with my salsa liberally spooned on. DH had his usual oatmeal.

This was milking morning. All went well and she seemed to be up a little in her milk. DH is still side assisting and I still dump into the strainer container half way through. Here the sweetie (I jest!) leaving for the lot after milking.
Willow leaving milk barn
That shed way in the background is pretty close to our west property line.

Before I came in, I filled all the bird feeders. I still haven't made the suet cakes but have only found one feeder for them so far.....may still be in a west tree.

Yesterday was the day to go to town and see if I could get my MIL's printer straightened out again. It was a simple fix of replacing both cartridges and aligning the print....I sure hope that takes care of it for her.

After having lunch with them we headed back to the farm. We stopped first at the new Price Cutter super market (a local owned chain). What fun! It is supposed to be designed more on the line of European markets...........I will never know if that is true or not!

Lovely store with a great line of bulk organic things. I stocked up on sea salt, sesame seeds, 10 grain mix, a little soy flour (more on that later when I do a bread post), extensive deli where you can sit and eat. There is a separate restaurant also.

I found my favorite pyrex pie plates and glass salt and pepper shakers the size I wanted next to the range, so into the cart they went.Photobucket

We will definitely be going back to check out more things. I don't think it is much farther than going to the Wal Mart and so much more pleasant.


  1. Wish I had a place like that to shop at rather than WalMart, although there's a new Super opening soon up & over the mountain about 8 miles toward Roanoke. Do you think "Sweetie" knows that you don't like her? I'll bet she can sense it. Are "milkers" smart?...:)JP

  2. I'm fortunate to have several super markets to choose from but would rather be living far from town. It sounds as if your new super market is going to be a great place to shop. I have the exact same salt and pepper shakers. Keep coarse ground pepper and sea salt in them.

  3. We had a Price Cutter in Bartlesville and I loved it! But it went out of business.

    Do people ever butcher milk cows for their meat? You might whisper that in your girl's ear. Heh.

    I have those same salt shakers too, I use them at the table. At my stove, I use those round aluminum shakers with the handle like my mom had.

    I'm saving my suet cakes for when snow covers the ground. We haven't had any snow yet but they say we might get some -- and bitter cold -- next week. Right now I'm just leaving out sunflower seed and thistle. The small birds are eating up the thistle but the Cardinals are not showing up for the sunflower seed regularly yet.