Friday, January 28, 2011

and the rest of the story.........................

31° at 3:20 AM. We are going to have a glorious day of spring-like temperatures...high 50's then another cool down, typical Ozark weather.

and here is the rest of the story about the banana cake day:

Just so you all won't think I am this super cook with nary a failure or catastrophe, let me share the entire day of the Banana Cake cooking.

I took the long, tiring walk. I am still waiting for the ”feeling more energetic after exercise” to kick in.....what I felt was exhausted!

Cooking while tired is not really a great idea.

First I got the pizza dough going in the food processor. I just leave it until I am ready for it, mixed in fp and left there, ergo, one bowl, a very good thing.

Preheated oven to 350°. Made the cake, got it out of oven, placed on rack to cool. While it was baking I made the icing (see how organized I am).

Then made up the pizza. It makes two. Rolled out first crust, placed on corn-mealed peel. Slid into oven preheated to over 500° onto the stone. Cooked it way too long. Should have just done on 12 minutes and began watching. I am so used to the JennAir which probably never reached that temp because of the ill-fitting door.....I set it for 20 minutes.....way too brown, but edible.

Made second pizza, cooked about 12 minutes. Pushed peel under it and it was so cripy that it slid to back of oven and cracked off about ¼ of the pizza which then dropped upside down on the bottom of the new oven floor! I almost had a heart attack thinking about that tomato sauce etching itself to the oven floor. All I could do was turn off the oven and wait for it to cool down.
I should have taken pictures but I was in shock. I did call in the help mate to see and he just shook his head......well, he made a comment but I won't share it here!

I am happy to report that when the oven was completely cooled down, the blob slid off with just a spatula under it and cleaned up quickly with just soap and water. I didn't want to use the self clean....I think it ruins the oven walls eventually.

I did have to scour the rack pretty intensively.

At least the cake was good. Well,the pizza was too if overcooked.

My sis called and she had had some cooking difficulties too. It either runs in the family or it is an age thing! She doesn't make bread nearly as much as I do.....but she had a recipe she liked but couldn't remember why she had cut it down in volume the last time so thought she would just make the entire amount this time............soon she remembered why.

She has a new HD KA mixer with the huge bowl, but using the l0 or so cups of flour required caused the dough to climb up the hook into the base of the mixer.. She had to add a little more flour and mix slowly to get it back down. Then she dumped all onto the board and kneaded by hand! I think I have heard others complain about this mixer....I didn't tell her that. She wanted me to get one but I am holding out for the Bosch (when Mom's old KA dies).

I will just be doing egg salad sandwiches for lunch today! We are going into town to visit with the in-laws and take them some cake. We didn't get into town....

Random Picture

This will be one of the first blooms I will see. It is from my friend Barb and will always be know as Barb's iris.

From Iris


  1. Oh Glenda ~ That's one thing about cooking, we have our great days and our not so great ones. At least the mess cleaned up off the oven floor nicely. I had to get used to my new stove too, if you are using the convection setting I read in my book to lower your temperature by 25 degrees, so if it said 500 in recipe, set it at 475. Also, it might take less time to bake. It's a learning process like anything in life. Cooking and baking are worth the boo boos.

    Love Barb's iris and I can just imagine you looking forward to their coming up this spring.

    Have a nice day ~ FlowerLady

  2. I'm chuckling at your comment about your helper. Glad the pizza came off the oven floor with no etching. I've never liked the self clean ovens. Guess I'm just old fashioned.

    Those iris are beautiful. I hope mine do well this year. Last year was only their second year after planting here and they didn't do as well as I would have liked.

  3. I have those days, too, as you well know, usually when I'm trying to do too many things at once!

    But all's well that ends well.

  4. Don't ya just hate that when something makes a mess! I have lots of those disasters!We had ham biscuits with the frozen biscuits I made up the other day, very good...they baked up just as pretty as made fresh ones do. We are to be near 60 today, can't ask for a nicer winter day than that! Have a good weekend Glenda...

  5. I did something similar to your pizza, I did one, and as I told you these stoves cook quickly.I did a deep dish pizza, with too much sauce and it bubbled over. I had a mess, but it cleaned up good.
    We all have faith in you Glenda. You are a great cook, as all who visit your blog, it just shows all that we are human too.
    Have a great weekend, I am going to tackle the banana cake.

  6. Oh your poor pizza, your poor oven, and your poor heart! Glad things are back to normal now.

    5" of snow last night, still snowing this morning. Guess I'll have to clean off the driveway again and make some soup. I'm not a big banana cake fan, but yours sure did look good!

  7. In the 50"s! You lucky devil! It is supposed to hit 40 here today and I can't wait so it lets the ice on the gravel road!!The UPS truck got stuck going up the hill in front of my house this morning, had to back down, turn in my driveway & put his chains on! I am anxious for SPRING!...:)

  8. We are having a heat wave here in Iowa.. 34 degrees right now.. Hasn't been this warm in along time.. feels so good when I go outside. I washed my windows today.. I use winshield washer fluid that you use in your car.. It doesn't freeze when you put it on your windows.. Oh they look so nice.
    Have a tiggeriffic day~1 ta ta for now from Iowa

  9. We are expecting snow and ice on tuesday,hope we miss it this time. We don't it! I am going to look at your banana cake. Blessings jane