Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 3, 2011

It was slightly warmer today.

DH requested I make him more granola; so I did.

The big accomplishment was taking down and storing all the Christmas decorations. We don't do that much and it took so long it made me think of all you who do each room!
One day wouldn't do it.

I made grilled cheese sandwiches on the stove top griddle and that worked well too.

The birds are beginning to flock to the feeders. A red-bellied woodpecker was forced to come to the kitchen window feeder because the one out by the tree was empty. The feeder was full and by evening it was almost empty. He acted so funny; first he seemed to be calling to a mate. He chirped a lot. He must have thought the window was a tree cavity because he flew at it several times before he just sat and looked at the window, cocking his head this way and that.

So far we have had the sparrows, Black Capped Chickadees, Red Bellied Woodpecker, American Gold finch and a female cow bird, doves,and Purple finches.

Our dog is part retriever; he is very attracted to the chickens. He has killed a couple in the past when they got out in the yard. He just plays them to death.
Well over the holidays he somehow got into the chicken yard two days in a row and we are now minus two chickens. We scold him mightily and he knows he has done wrong, but, trust me, he will do it again if the opportunity presents (when we aren't in sight). He is a wonderful dog and loves people and the yellow cats adore him. They even sleep on his back. He loves the attention. Something has to be done. We have kept the chickens up and will until we can build a dog-proof chicken run.

Life on the farm.................


  1. Love the bird pictures. It is so hard for retrievers not to do their jobs. My little dog is part terrier and part border collie. She will herd anything in sight, including the kittens that come from across the street.

  2. Birds flocking to the feeder...grandma used to say that meant bad weather coming. Cold for sure! My SIL that lives at Springfield said the weatherman is saying snow next week. Our dog Lizzie ate a rooster once, well...ate the wings of the rooster. They were free range and never a problem until an impudent young rooster started flogging her daily. She finally got enough and ate just the wing tips off him, it was pitiful! He was put out of his misery and ended up in the crockpot. She never did that again but I imagine the chickens were pretty good around her from that point on!!!

  3. I forgot to mention that the stove my parents had when I was a girl was gas, and it had a built in griddle, too. I remember making lots of grilled cheese sandwiches and pancakes on it. I'm glad yours is working well.

    I love the woodpecker photos! I'm sorry about the chickens. Our Heidi loves us, and wants approval, too, but if we aren't vigilant, she'll take food off of the counter. We bought a garbage can with a lid that latches, because she was constantly taking things, especially chicken bones out of it. I get so mad at her! The other day, I finally got some bread made. We cut a couple pieces off while it was still hot for supper. Heidi got the loaf we cut from off of the counter, and ate about a third of it before Larry caught her. That night, she was too wound up to sleep. It was a rough night, and I was very mad at her. It's hard, because she kept trying to make up with me, but I wasn't ready.

    Have a great day!

  4. Most probably the woodpecker saw his reflection and took it as a competing male and attacked it. Robins tend to do that around here. Same with some other birds. They don't know it's themselves. I need a camera like yours, one that has IS. I'm checking eBay these days for something recent.

  5. Glenda, I'm going to scoot you an email...:)JP