Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday Dinner - Stored Turnips - Plans for Day

3:34 AM, 33° , Made coffee that DH had set up the night before. Read for a while (a not very impressive book).

Breakfast was a simple egg with fried toast and a glass of milk.

Ilene's blog talked about her last year's turnips and reminded me to check my bucket stored in the cellar. They had sprouts, very pale about 3-5 inches long. I think that cellar stays a little too warm for long-term storage for them. I brought a few to the kitchen and cooked a small pan....the results and my opinion: Storage does not enhance their texture or flavor. They are quite edible but nothing to write home about. I think I will slowly freeze the rest for stews and soups. They are not bitter or strong and one or two were sweet. I did get a tad too much red pepper flakes in them.....had quite a coughing jag after tasting them.

Yesterday's lunch with the in-laws was very nice. He is getting more frail and I notice he has a slight tremor to his hands now. Sad. His mind is very sharp.

We had a weird lunch. I made our son's meat ball and spaghetti recipe for them but didn't do a green salad so made some strange green beans, home-made whole cranberry sauce with a touch of o.j. and zest. I did have the French bread with it and chocolate pie.

From Food

I used Joy of Cooking's method of putting the yolks in with the dry ingredients and milk and whisking all of them together until no yellow streaks remain, cook to bubbly, remove and whisk briskly again; return to heat and cook bubbly for l minute. Pour into shell, cover with meringue and brown. It was a great hit.
MIL wants recipe. She is like me and hates that temper the egg yolk thing.

We had enough left that I sent them home with over a half loaf of the bread, enough meatballs and spaghetti for at least one hefty meal, green pie....not enough of it left. I did remember to give the peanut brittle to my FIL. He was delighted. He thought I had forgot about making it for him. Now he will be getting both bittersweet truffles and peanut brittle for his birthday in March.

I have put on a very large pot of pinto beans with the last of my ham bits and pieces. I plan to do the Honduran (sil's mother) way of leaving it on the back of the stove all week and reheating it each day to boiling....will plan to serve it almost daily as a side anyway. Let you know how that works out.

The only other thing on my list (mentally) for today is quit procrastinating about the garden and make a plan and order onions and strawberry plants....and anything else I won't find locally.

Good luck to me.....

Miscellaneous bird picture:
Pileated Woodpecker. I found this looking for something else. I haven't seen it long enough since to take a picture. I think this was taken two years ago.



  1. That pie was a masterpiece! My Mom used to make a lot of cooked filling pies, chocolate, butterscotch, coconut cream, banana creams and custards...they must have been her favorites. My mother in law is just the opposite, she makes all each his own I guess. That's a great picture of the woodpecker, they are huge birds. We caught a glimpse of one a couple springs ago. Beaver Lake has some bald eagles that have taken up permanent residence here. See them more often, in the winter months. I'm nursing a cold, drinking lots of juice. My Dad would have said those turnips would cure a cold, have you ever heard that?

  2. The pie looks divine. I can never make meringue that looks good. .

  3. The meringue on that pie looks like it came from a magazine cover, Glenda! It sounds like you all an enjoyable visit and time together and that's what matters most. I know you'll have an awesome garden this year!...:)JP

  4. I worry about the beans thing. Perhaps the reason the Hondurans don't get sick is because their guts are used to the bacteria the beans make. Be careful.

  5. That pie is soo pretty! what a looker, the bean thing I would be leary of,no refridgeration? Be careful, Blessings jane