Friday, January 21, 2011

We didn't get nearly the snow that some did. I am guessing around 2+ inches. It didn't get as cold either. It is 15° here right now. We do have another chance of snow today and a 70% chance for more on Sunday. It is winter!

The road out front seems to be clear, but most schools are still closed. We haven't had to get out at all.
I forgot to buy bird seed when we did out last shopping. I had it on the list too. So they are getting hen scratch and I made the suet blocks using the beef fat I rendered earlier. I am wondering about the beef versus the lard...they don't seem to be eating it very quickly. I did mix some lard in. I bought the largest tub of lard the store had this time instead of the smaller tubs I had been buying. Since I don't use Crisco anymore, I am using a lot more lard. I just wish it was totally not hydrogenated.

I have started simplifying and getting rid of things not being used, including clothes. I am not throwing out every single thing. I am keeping back some jeans that I can wear if.............(know what I mean?) It is a big if, but I have hopes.

I did my chest of drawers and we both have done the closets. Makeup drawer is next.

Random Picture

This is view outside of the kitchen window. When we put feed out, they stay out by the feeding tree until it is gone, then they come to the window feeder.

From View out Windows

Nothing is wasted; they always clean up the spilled seeds.

From View out Windows


  1. I'm making a trip to the feed store for chicken scratch. The squirrels are eating us out of house and home, love the black sunflower seeds and they make such a mess. The crows have been visiting since I put out the trays of suet, I guess it's open buffet...anyone is invited! We got about 3" and it was icy this morning after the cold night. Hope we miss Sunday's event! Have a good weekend...

  2. My feeders look the same. The birds are very plentiful this year....:)JP

  3. I don't think I'll put out any suet anymore. I could rig up something hanging from a tree to keep the neighborhood dogs from eating it, like they did the last of what I had, but then I just attract crows, or grackles or whatever they are, and they so totally cover something like that, that there's no chance for the cardinals. *sigh...*

  4. Wow, look at all those birds! I've never seen more than a couple cardinals at a time before. Your first photo makes me think of a Christmas tree covered with bird ornaments.