Saturday, January 22, 2011

The morning started out at 17° but got up to above freezing and a lot of the snow melted.

I fixed steak gravy and biscuits for breakfast. I always do that if we have round steak the day before and we did. I fixed smothered round steak, mashed potatoes and broccoli. I also made DH his chocolate pudding with whipped cream topping.

I milking this morning and bottled up the previous milking so now I am good for about three days.

After DH finished his cattle chores we made a bird seed run because we forgot them the previous day. I checked around for the best prices which were still a lot higher than last year. I am hoping it might last the season. I got 50 lbs of black oil sunflower seeds, 25 lbs. of niger thistle and 20 lbs of wild bird seed. I will make my own mix with the hen scratch. I hope to lure some different smaller birds with the thistle seeds. I have already had two little black capped chickadees at the dining room porch feeder.
From Birds
I got the mix a little too rich with the thistle seeds....will cut back next time.

DH told me to check and see if all the turkeys were still down by the west fenceline.....they were. This was using the camera on the full 12x zoom, but at least you can see how many.....the black specks on the field are the birds!
From Birds
He tried to count them this morning but finally gave up.

Here is the kind of gift a farm gal likes:

From Interior house
I have wanted a pair of these boots for a long time. My sis has a pair of the Tack masters and she sings their praises. I tried them on and they are certainly more streamlined and not as clunky, but I am not walking across the lawn to a mini-horse barn with paved floors and special bedding so I thought this style was more my kind of boot!
They were cheaper too and that might have influenced me just a tad!

All in all a good day!


  1. I need to get myself another pair of heavy rubber boots. I got a blowout last year in mine. Seeing your reminded I guess I'll begin the search!...:)JP

  2. Are those WILD turkeys??? Wow. So many! I've never seen so many outside of a TV documentary. You have such great wildlife there, Glenda!

    I got my garden boots maybe 12-13 years ago (maybe more, that's how long it's been) and they are still going strong. They are USA made RED BALL. Here's a some very similar to mine (which are smaller size and hunter green). They have worn like iron. And comfy to boot. *heh*

  3. A pair of good boots are a neccessity around the farm.

    That's a big flock of wild turkeys. I agree, you have great wildlife at your place.

  4. Wow, your chickadee picture turned out so clear! You could print and frame that one! I was excited to see that I had at least one feeding here. We need to get our feeder back up, and higher, hoping the squirrels won't be able to knock it down again.

    How exciting to see all those turkeys, too!

    I keep forgetting to tell you I like your new header photo.