Monday, January 31, 2011

The cold hasn't hit us was around 35° this morning.

I did milk again, much better to do in 40° than in 0°!
I now can go 6 days without milking if need be.

DH put out extra hay for the cows....then we made a library run....8 books. That should hold us. He also got some kind of diesel treatment for the tractors.

It is misting lightly here and no sun to be found. We are supposed to be in the 6-12 inch corridor....we shall see. It is the zero and below temps that I dread the most.

I did get some seeds in the mail today....then found a small pack on the floor that I will send later.....early wonder beets. Hmmmmmm

We had coneys for lunch with leftover cole slaw and a dish of my canned apples.
I have a Pikes Peak roast in the crock pot for tomorrow. We will get several meals out of it; it was a large one. Either this afternoon or tomorrow I will make a lemon pie (my favorite). I bought a bag of lemons on sale some time back and need to use them. I think this will be my last crust in the will be making another batch soon. My sis thinks I can freeze the lemons whole? Got to check that one out.

I think all we have left to do is the get the blade on the tractor and I will feed the chickens some warm mash. I plan to leave the light bulb on in the chicken house tonight. It helps some.

Random Pictures.

Taken on the walk to the Big Pond Field.

From Big Pond
This poor old Oak is near its end.....on to firewood, then ashes for the garden and the cycle continues.

This one is still in good health:

and this next one reflects an ongoing garden to grow heirloom roses and this one and Baronne Prevost in particular.


  1. Hi Glenda. I think you were going to send me "early wonder beets"... along with the kale seeds. :-D

    Took Mom grocery shopping this mornning and we both stocked up fearing the worse (ice storm/freezing rain) but hoping for the best (a little new snow). then I filled up the firewood crib in the garage so I'll have wood if I need it. Also in prep for the storm I went out and knocked down as many icicles as I could reach. Some were almost 3' long. Not good for the gutters.

    Hope you don't get all that snow! Good grief. Especially not all at once. Glad you're all tucked in. Stay safe.

  2. Stopped over from Home in the Hollow - You take beautiful pictures. That's a really cool tree.

  3. Sounds like your milking is getting better as you go. Probably won't take long to go thru your library books with the cold weather thats on the way. Do you think I could get your lemon pie recipe? It is my favorite also. A baker I am NOT but I will give it a try. I am inspired by all of your bread making, and pies and cakes you bake.

  4. I hope you don't get the storm they're predicting for you. It's bad enough when you don't have to go out but braving the elements to take care of animals makes it rough.

    That rose is gorgeous. Such full blooms.

    By the way, Hazel is my daughter and she told me she loves reading your blog.

  5. Glenda, lemon pie is MY favorite too! I got goosebumps just thinking about the flaky crust and those tangy lemons! Love the old oak!...:)JP

  6. Ha! Just cruised in and saw you'd put up a new blog banner pic. Is that what it looks at your place right now? Wow, you ARE getting some snow. Glad you are all tucked in and warm!

  7. Your blog banner pic reminds me of here-we didn't get a lot of snow but a lot of sleet with some snow on top. With the cold temps will be awhile thawing out-just so thankful for no ICE!!