Thursday, January 6, 2011

Here is one of my moments of luxury (I watch Bill Tubbs' Create Channel TV show).
Opening my towel drawer in the kitchen and having it full of microfiber cloths! My daughter got me 10 of these at Christmas. They are the cleaning cloth size. I discovered microfiber for cleaning a year or so ago and use nothing else. They are the only thing I can successfully clean the black porcelain portion of the stove with and have zero streaks left. I use a large one clipped (clothespins) to my dust mop to do the hardwood floors, I mop the kitchen floor with one. They are without peer in the cleaning cloth world! I have only found them at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I am sure they are in other places. I have given them to my daughter, DIL, and told people shopping about them. I am sure they think I am crazy.

If you don’t currently have microfiber cloths, please try one soon.

I made DH a pumpkin pie yesterday; he had requested one over Christmas but I thought two pies was enough. I used a pint jar of my canned Long Island Cheese squash.

This was a great pumpkin for productivity for me here in northwest Greene County, Missouri. It is a c. moschata type so had some resistance to squash bugs. I never lost a plant to them. They were huge things, one weighed 17 lbs.
I baked this in the new counter-top oven. I am amazed at how well you can see inside without opening the door and loosing heat.
There is no light.
I made a dish yesterday for our lunch that maybe was Swiss steak, no recipe was involved. I cut up a round steak; floured, salt and peppered it. I browned it in canola oil and a little butter for flavor.
When it was good and brown on both sides, I added a pint of tomatoes, some frozen chopped celery and diced green peppers along with some sliced onions. After about an hour of simmering, I added a cup or so of sliced carrots. I thought it was very tasty. I didn’t do mashed potatoes….did baked instead.
Pumpkin pie for dessert (it was too warm, but we ate it anyway….it was much better in the evening when it was completely chilled….with whipped cream, of course).

Still in future plans: Goat Milk Soap, organizing seeds, breads.

I got a new book called “The Resilient Gardner”. I was influenced by the Oklahoma Gardening Forum on Gardenweb. Those folks are serious gardeners. I love visiting there even though our weather and soil is different. Lots of knowledge about gardening to be had. It doesn't take too much encouragement for me to buy another gardening book....


  1. Hmmm. Those microfiber clothes sound like something I should look into. Do they wash up well? I've seen them at several stores and always gave them a pass (price). I'll look again.

    That little counter oven did a dandy job on your pie. The crust is evenly browned (always tricky). I'll have to try your tip and use squash instead of pumpkin in something (like pumpkin bread).

    One of my luxuries? Don't laugh. Several years ago I bought and installed an automatic ice-maker in the 'fridge. I'd never had one before. I drink iced tea 365 days a year and having ice at any time is wonderful. No more ice cube trays to fuss with. Honestly, it's the little things that make life good. :-D

  2. Kris, yes, the simple things are the best!

    Don't hesitate on the price because they last a very long time. If you ever use one, you will be sold. I convinced my Sis and she said it was the first time in years her stove looked good after cleaning. They wash just like anything else. We toss them in with whatever load is going in the machine.

  3. I have a stack of the microfibers in my cleaning closet but I don't really use them. I guess they've just not worked their magic on me yet. They're so soft and I need scrubbing power for most things around here so I usually just grab the dishcloth (they have "nubbies" on them).

    Can you go more into detail on your countertop oven? Pretty please? I hate, hate, hate my oven but it'll be a long while before we can replace it. I imagine the countertop ones are cheaper. I've had toaster ovens before but was never happy with them. I assume yours is a step or two up from those?

  4. I have a dozen of the microfiber towels and I love them. I got mine at Advanced Auto parts store here in town, and love them. They wash beautifully and store well in the linen closet or drawer. The only thing I don't like is when your hands are very dry and are cracked from the winter cold, they snag on your skin...
    Pie looks great, Glenda, I will have to look for seeds for that type of squash, as I fight squash bugs beyond belief.
    Have a great week, Glenda.

  5. I found some microfiber cloths at Deals (a discount store) and love them. I use a microfiber cloth on my swiffer mop instead of buying refills.

    I want to find an oven like yours. I hate using our big oven to cook something small for just the two of us. The crust on your pie turned out perfect.

  6. Glenda, I'm with you on the microfiber cloths. I've been using them for about 3 years now after using them on my car, I brought them in for the kitchen. Another great know know those super chamois (although it's not a real chamois)...sold in automotive section...they are great for spills on countertops and for wiping down shower walls!....:)JP

  7. Glenda, I sing the praises of microfiber cloths too! I bought a mop from QVC that I LOVE, it's the Don Aslet mop and came with several microfiber pads. The long mop handle allows me to use it in many ways, cleaning the tallest windows streak free, the fastest mop job ever for my hardwood floors and I can even use them dry to reach and dust ceiling fans. I think it like $14 and it's the best thing I've ever bought for cleaning. The best thing about winter is being inside, baking and planning for next years garden! We expect to have North Pole weather next week, know you'll get it too!

  8. I have ordered my heirloom gardening seeds cant wait to get them and get started in my little seed starer kit,I will keep my eye out for some microfiber,I have been wanting some for a while now.I am following your blog hope you will follow mine as well, thanks, blessings jane