Sunday, January 30, 2011

Waitng for the Winter Storm - Bread

Saturday was like a spring day....started out at 35° and ended at 65°! However we are under a Winter Storm Watch. Predicted snow and/or ice and down to zero by Wednesday night....they are not real sure exactly when it will hit but are saying Monday.

I had plans to begin cleaning off the kitchen garden yesterday but we were out of bread so I stayed in and made 4 loaves, 2 100% whole wheat and 2 our regular honey wheat bread (used the same recipe for both....just changed the amount of ww).
To say the kitchen was a mess was an understatement. A lot of things are involved with making 4 loaves of bread. I grouped them together just to show:
In the photo, I have the first two ww rising in the pans.....the second two on the first rise in the dough bucket on the left....almost ready. I was able to scare up 4 loaf pans!

From Food

All were made using Annie's bread recipe (Annie1992 from Cooking Forum on GW). I thought the taste and texture on the 100% whole wheat was very nice, soft and not at all coarse. I use white whole wheat flour. I did add 1/4 teaspoons more SAF yeast to it.This shows the texture on a 100% whole wheat loaf:

And here is the harvest of the baking:

Bread making should be finished for the month...I did burger and hot dog buns last week and they are in the freezer....along with all but a few slices of the new bread.

I got my order from Pinetree yesterday. They backordered the white and red vinca. I hope it gets here early enough to get started inside. Everything else was correct.

I still haven't ordered strawberry plants....must get settled and do that soon.

I made the 4-grain pancakes from Joy of Cooking this morning. There will be enough left for a couple of more meals. I will just seal the bowl and keep in the refrigerator. We really do like these hearty pancakes.

Random Pictures

I took these the day of the walk back to the Big Pond Field

There are still pieces of the pole barn roof scattered all over the back of the farm. The tornado missed the house skipped back and took out the pole barn, went on north and hit the neighbor's house on the road behind us. Our neighbor to the west said they stood out and watched it skip over our house, dip down and hit the barn and then back up again over to the neighbor.

I like this next simple picture. The row of cedars is what we call an Ozarks cattle shelter. Standing under it can almost keep all rain off, the resin scent deters flies in summer, the dense shade is a blessing in summer and in winter.

and one of my favorite pictures of DH doing his thing, coming back after checking the cattle on the ATV,
We are now walking south on the lane after the walk.


  1. The loaves of bread look wonderful. There's no comparison between homemade bread and that from the store.

    I hope this will be the last winter storm for you this year. I know that when February arrives I start thining spring and all that I need to do outside. I'm sure that with all your garden beds you are even more anxious to get started.

  2. Bread looks so good.
    I will keep you posted as to what we get here, we have at this moment have posted very bitter cold, and 4-6 in. of snow. But being Nebraska, it can change in a New York minute. It is to start late this afternoon, with snow tonight. But I think that this is headed your way because of your warm air. We got to 60* Friday.
    Stay warm and have soup and bread.

  3. That bread looks delicious. I always enjoy seeing the pics of your place. Our high here yesterday was 72deg. Hope your weather warms up and stays that way soon. Enjoy that yummy bread :)

  4. Oh how yummy and wonderful your bread looks. I just took a loaf of orange-cumin bread out of the bread machine. It smells so good. I was outside in my gardens while the bread was making and came in to the delicious aroma.

    I always love seeing pictures of your farm.

    Hope you will soon be over the worst of winter weather. It's a beautiful day here today. Right now it is 67, and the sun is shining in a big blue sky.

    Have a lovely day ~ FlowerLady

  5. I think I smelled that bread all the way down here in Arkansas! I'll have to look at that recipe, when I make wheat it's heavy. Do you think the White Wheat flour makes the difference in soft crust? The weathermen are saying 4-10" of sleet and snow. They do that to cover ALL the bases! Whatever, I need more bird seed or they are going to report me to the bird police!

  6. I made bread's almost gone already.

  7. I like making messes in the kitchen, too. Your bread is very pretty looking.