Monday, January 10, 2011

Not much happened here yesterday.

I did make some peanut brittle for the in-laws. When we visited them last, my FIL said he wanted more! I had just given them a few pieces in their mixed assortment of goodies. We may try to go in today but it is already snowing and we have to run to the feed store for chicken feed.

UPS just drove up with my two new cookbooks...I am excited! I just got one of them....wonder what that is all about??

They are predicting very cold temps tonight so I had DH bring down two bales of straw, one for the milk barn, and one for the chickens. I covered the chicken house with some and filled the nests. Nothing makes chickens happier than having something new to scratch in. The new girls seem to be cohabiting nicely with the older flock.
From Winter Cold Prep Day

I spread a part of a bale in where I milk for clean bedding for the two "big" babies.

Next on the list was filling the bird feeders again. If there is snow cover we will have a huge influx of birds.

They were just waiting for me to leave to get at this feeder!
From Winter Cold Prep Day

It started snowing a few minutes ago and the flakes are much larger now. We may get a snow at last.

I think soup will be on the menu for lunch.


  1. I'm hoping you don't get too much snow and cold weather. Do you give your chickens warm mash in cold weather? I've read that it helps to keep them laying.

    Although I don't cook much anymore I love reading old cookbooks.

  2. so which cookbook came, the soup or the cornbread? Both are soooo good! She's a great cook, had a B&B at Eureka Springs for years with her late husband Ned. He died in a tragic bicycle accident, she says "he rode off into eternity that day." Crescent now lives in Vermont, she bought her Aunt's homeplace. Hope you don't slip and slide too much...home safe and sound!

  3. Glenda...I just left a site I follow and she made Cheddar's made with shredded cheddar and heavy whipping cream & chicken broth after cooking up an onion just until it's clear (not browned). Go to:

  4. Omigosh I've NEVER seen so many cardinals in one place before! I couldn't believe my eyes so I had to enlarge the pic. That's just so amazing! Now I know where they all go for winter. Thanks for posting that pic.

    I hope you get just enough snow to be pretty, but not inconvenient! Looking forward to your first efforts from the new cookbook. :-D Have fun.