Friday, April 13, 2012

Allergy Break - Catch up Time

Allergies have been very bad for me this season.  If I am outside very long, I pay by coughing jags that last for hours.  I am off to find some Zyrtec today.  It drains your energy rapidly  thus no blogging.

The weather has been very cool and finally we got a shower this morning.  They are predicting chances of severe (tornadoes) weather for Sunday.  We will be watching that closely!

Just catch up in general, I have been doing daily house chores, mowed the yard again and began cleaning out the garage wall bed.  I am about ready just to take the trimmer to the rest of the thing and mow it all down. About halfway through that is when the allergy thing got so bad, I just gave up outdoor work until some heavy rains can wash off these oak and ash trees.

I got the lettuce transplanted into the garden and the flat of broccoli and cauliflower.  It was so dry I decided to water.

In my daily tour of the yard, I discovered something I didn't know.  Cilantro self seeds very nicely!  I am delighted about that.They are the little round leaved ones near the pot of hen and chicks and the base of the brick planter spreading to the right and up.

I had planned to go out to trim yesterday in spite of the allergies, but it was just 51° and windy so I stayed in instead.

I pulled a package of crushed peaches out of the freezer and made a batch of jam. I freeze in 5 1/2 cup portions which is what the recipe calls for which makes it very easy to finish the batch.

Enough for now.....heading out to find Zyrtec.


  1. I am suffering along with you, Glenda. My allergies have really flared up and I have a very bad sinus/ear infection and have lost the hearing in my right ear, and I am totally exhausted.
    We just got an inch of rain last night, so I am hopefully sending you some rain, and with hold the bad stuff.
    Love the peach jam. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Sorry to hear you are afflicted too ! I took a pill still in the truck in W-M parking lot! So far it hasn't put me to sleep. That was my worry.

      We have had a couple of showers today so far. I haven't checked the tin can/rain gauge yet.

  2. Sorry to hear that your allergies are winning right now. :-( Hope the zyrtec helps. I'm so glad I'm not allergic to pollen.

    Do you mulch your vegs at all to keep them moist and the weeds down? I'm a big big fan of that. I received my onion plants last week and they are going in the ground today (supposed to rain tomorrow). That'll be one more thing I can cross off my list.

    Hope you rally back to speed soon.

    1. I try to mulch everything as soon as it is up good. I will be mulching the potatoes soon. I am a firm believer in mulch! I haven't done any onions this year.

  3. Sorry about your allergies-the pollen is really bad this year!

    My daughter is on vacation this week-today is her 49th birthday- and we, along with the man that has been helping my husband do some barn repair, have been busy downsizing some flower beds here. Dug and divided at least 20 daylilies and moved some other perennials. What with the physical labor and the pollen, I am shot at the end of the day! Getting too old to keep up with all the weeds so am happy to see smaller beds!!

    Have company coming tonight for daughters birthday supper so better get busy-pretty simple menu: hamburger patties in mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, vegetable salad, biscuits and peach cobbler with ice cream. This is the menu both daughters pick just about each year for their birthdays!

    1. That supper sounds like our kind of food!

      I am trying to downsize here too. The cheet and brome and bermuda grass are beginning to rule my world. The iris are the hardest to take care of I think. The only future purchase for me will be shrubs and small trees.

      The grasses are even a nuisance. I never did get mine burned of so now I will have to cut them back......

  4. Sorry you have to suffer with spring allergies. I've never been bothered in any way like that so guess I'm one of the lucky ones.

    Up here in the northwoods, we're still at least a month from being able to put anything out in the garden so it's fun to see what you've already got growing.

  5. I hope you get those allergies under control, Glenda. They can cause such misery! Feel better my friend...:)JP

  6. Glenda, I have the same thing, damn allergies. I use CVS's brand allergy medicine and flush my sinus' with a netty pot twice a day and it has been helping. At night I also us the nose strips to help keep my nose totally open so I can sleep. I hope your allergies give you a break soon. Take care.

  7. My hubby suffers with allergies too. We didn't realize the pollen in the air was so bad until we noticed our neighbor's pond was covered with it. A light dusting of green lays on top of the water and then disappears the next day into the water. The pond is covered again this morning.